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The coal supplies from Dnbass there are two alternatives – Nasalik

У поставок угля из Днбасса есть две альтернативы – НасаликAlternative Donbass coal-anthracite is – Russian or South African.

Instead of coal anthracite group with the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine can supply it from Russia or South Africa, but it will be twice as expensive, said the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik.

“Alternative sources you can find starting tomorrow. But what we are changing. From tomorrow we can start the supply of anthracite coal group of the Kuzbass, but instead his miners will pay money to the Russian miners, instead of budget revenues in Ukraine, we will pay to the Russian budget,” he said in the program “facts of the week. 100 minutes with Oksana Sokolova” on Sunday evening. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Nasalik also added that the coal-mining enterprises of Donbass are registered in Ukraine, and the taxes go to the budget of Ukraine.

According to the Minister, the continued blockade of supplies of coal from uncontrolled territories will lead to destabilization of the Ukrainian energy system, stop the metallurgical enterprises, which will lead to a decrease of currency proceeds to Ukraine, and a loss of 300 thousand jobs.

Answering the question about alternatives to coal-anthracite coal from the Donbas I. Nasalyk, said: “the Alternative (source) is. It is from Russia – but it will be twice as expensive. From the same Republic of South Africa, only the term of delivery will be 40-50 days, and it will be twice more expensive than Ukrainian.”

Earlier Nasaliki declared that blocking of the railway will cause blackouts and increase the price of coal. On the probability of outages of heat and energy also said Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

At the same time, NEK “Ukrenergo” stated that if in the coming days will not be renewed supply of anthracite fuel, will need to impose a state of emergency in the power sector. Thus, in conditions of national emergency, the total reserves of anthracite coal on all TPP will be enough for 40 days.

Recall, January 26, began the blockade of railway tracks, the initiators of which were the people who called themselves veterans of the ATO. Upon blocking roads in the Luhansk region Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings.

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