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The clown was not joking

Шут не шутит

I’m not a lawyer, I don’t know — suddenly, in the words of Zhirinovsky is a call to change the constitutional order? For instance, I will support him, and then I grab for different places. Zhirinovsky then nothing will, and I was afraid.

However, we have a Constitution and soon another will appear. So funny, if you take me for a violation of the Constitution, which by that time had already rewritten through. Anyway, I tell them gently: if it does not violate the constitutional order, if this isn’t an issue — then I for Zhirinovsky.

We live in an unfair state. In the country is still 85 subjects. Each entity has its own Parliament. All meetings take all decisions. The subjects are different. Right some even diametrically. And the solution is the same everywhere. Almost everywhere unanimous.

Moreover, decisions are not their own, and Moscow. As in Moscow, ordered and voted all — from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. Exceptions are written in the Red book, and those who dare to improvise or look as crazy, or as dressed bulk.

Then what is the point in those parliaments that carry only the transfer function? Now around the Internet. In any corner of the bear for one second you can know what the disposition was given Moscow, and decided by the President. It is not necessary to employ such number of intermediaries under the guise of deputies.
In fact, the Central MPs who sit in the Federation Council and the Duma — they are also not needed. Because also do what they were told to do and nothing more.

But about the Duma Zhirinovsky did not say anything, because if you dissolve the Duma, it will have to dissolve and Zhirinovsky. And without Zhirinovsky or Zyuganov buddy I already your life is not. This is my youth, maturity and — most of all — my pension. I without these people uncomfortable. But I’m for honesty. Which is that if the country is all about the President, that he even ruled one. Without scenery, extras and chorus at all levels.

Incidentally, the situation with Kovalam showed how honesty is best. Putin ordered to pay doctors, and doctors not paid. Because while the money was wandering around all these unnecessary instances, somewhere, got lost completely. So honesty in this case will be more practical.

And all. Zhirinovsky sometimes I will say something, all pohohochesh, and then it turns out that all came true. In the Royal courts, this feature was at jesters. But Zhirinovsky is a buffoon and looks like he’s joking all the time.

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