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The “classic” posters of “the Walking dead”

Apparently, the FX channel was quite desperate in trying to advertise the new season of once successful, but now mostly passed the momentum of the show “the Walking dead”. Now began to appear the first promo, somehow divided into two sources (first and second), as well as interesting details of the plot, but before that we have been witnessing very bad PR decisions. Like trying to grab a piece of the pie from the success of “Game of thrones” and “twin Peaks”, or release “Monopoly” specializing in the universe of “Walking”.

And that seems brightest minds in the Studio again grab the air – or rather, this is a well-respected producer and makeup artist Greg Nicotero. In his profile in Instagram, he shared a collection of posters for the zombie series inspired by classic horror films. And, it would seem, not a bad idea, but… where have we recently seen this? Ah Yes, the creators of the TV series “Very strange things” and “Ghosts”! So, alas, but here the audience is not surprising.

So it only remains to gather the last reserves of hope and give a chance to the eighth season, which opened the jubilee 100th episode for October 22, 2017.

Publication from Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) Sep 28 2017 at 4:50 PM PDT

Publication from Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) Sep 22 2017 at 5:08 am PDT

Publication from Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) Sep 17 2017 at 5:10 PDT

Publication from Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) St 7 2017 12:13 PDT

Publication from Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) Sept 2 2017 12:10 PDT

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