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The clam was named after the famous musician

Моллюска назвали в честь всемирно известного музыкантаClam changes color from clear to gray, which is rare for invertebrates.

Spanish scientists have discovered the coast of Havana sologubenko a new species of mollusk that can change color, which is unusual for marine invertebrates.

The animal was given the name of the deceased in 2016 musician David Bowie Jorunna davidbowiei.

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The study is published in the Spanish scientific journal Vieraea. The author of the discovery is a service of biodiversity of the Canary Islands, Leopoldo Moreau.

According to the scientist, the mollusk changes the color from transparent to gray, which is rare for invertebrates.

The artist name was chosen for the clam because throughout his career, British artist repeatedly changed their images on the stage in concert and music videos.

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