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The city has received unofficial names. Photo

Города, получившие неофициальные названия. Фото These names are very recognizable.

Many world capitals have their own unofficial names. And after hearing about the “big Apple”, it is known that we are talking about new York, and if we talk about the “city of love”, that is, of course, Paris. However, other major cities have their unofficial names and most interesting stories associated with them.

1. New York: the Big Apple

Города, получившие неофициальные названия. Фото

New York is known by many nicknames such as “the City that never sleeps” or “Gotham”, but the most popular of these is probably the “Big Apple”. Where did the name. Although the use of this phrase was first documented in the early 1900’s, the term first became popular in the 1920-ies, when the writer John j. Fitzgerald wrote a story about a race called “Around the big Apple.” However, only thanks to the tourism campaign in the 1970s, the nickname became synonymous with new York.

2. Geneva: capital of the world

Города, получившие неофициальные названия. Фото

Geneva, the second most populated city in Switzerland, is a city known for its diplomacy. It is in Geneva is the European headquarters of the United Nations and established international organizations such as the Red Cross. Here was signed the Geneva conventions, series of treaties on elimination of the consequences of war for soldiers and civilians. Considering all this, it’s no wonder that Geneva is known as the “capital of the world”.

3. Toronto: Dirty York

Города, получившие неофициальные названия. Фото

“Dirty city” sounds like a nickname better suited to new York in the rain. But it’s actually the nickname of the city of Toronto in Canada. In fairness, it should be noted that this city has rarely called “Dirty city.” The first word in the nickname probably refers to the time in history when Toronto was not related to drainage or sewer, and the city is literally buried in the mud. The second word actually dates back to the time when Toronto was first colonized, he then called York after Prince Frederick, Duke of York.

4. Ushuaia: the end of the world

Города, получившие неофициальные названия. Фото

If you ask to get further South on the Earth (not counting Antarctica), then the person will be in Ushuaia, a town in Argentine Patagonia. He is generally considered the southernmost city in the world, and therefore got its nickname “El Fin del Mundo” (“the Edge” or “end of the world”). Although Puerto Williams, a much smaller Chilean settlement, is technically located further to the South is called Ushuaia.

5. Las Vegas: sin City

Города, получившие неофициальные названия. Фото

Las Vegas – a city known for its nightlife and its casinos. Every year more than 40 million people visit a local establishment for gambling and dazzling show. Some even travel outside the city to visit the legally operating brothels of Nevada or illegally engaged in debauchery in the city. Las Vegas is also the best place for wedding ceremonies, like weddings are pre-planned and spontaneous “weddings in time”. No wonder this city where people can indulge in many vices, is called “sin City”, because all “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

6. Mumbai: City of dreams

Города, получившие неофициальные названия. Фото

Mumbai, with its population of 18.4 million people, is one of the most populated cities of India. Mumbai is not only India’s financial centre, but also the home of bollywood, the famous Indian film industry, which makes this city especially attractive place for the people of this country. The possibilities are really endless, so Mumbai is often called the “city of dreams”.

7. Sydney: City and Bay

Города, получившие неофициальные названия. Фото

Sydney, located on the southeastern coast of Australia, was once one of the largest ports. Unsurprisingly, almost all of the popular attractions are concentrated around the harbour of Port Jackson. Therefore, Sydney is sometimes called the “harbour city” (“city of Bay”). One of the most recognizable buildings in the city, Sydney Opera house, located directly on the harbour.

8. Cairo: city of a thousand minarets

Города, получившие неофициальные названия. Фото

Cairo is not only the largest city in Egypt and one of the largest in the middle East. It is known for its rich history and serves as a center of film and music industry in the area. Cairo is also known that it is very rich in Islamic architecture, so often you can hear that it is called the “city of a thousand minarets”. Minarets play a unique role in Islam, since these towers traditionally, muezzins call faithful Muslims to prayer five times a day.

9. Paris: City of love

Города, получившие неофициальные названия. Фото

Maybe the reason is because French language is considered “language of love”. Maybe the culprit are the romantic walks along the Seine river. In any case, Paris is known as the “City of love”. Love here can be found everywhere, from cozy cafes to bridge Art, where the pair in the beginning of 2000-ies was attached padlocks to demonstrate the strength of their relationship.

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