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The city Council supported the decision on new rules for outdoor advertising

В Киевсовете поддержали решение о новых правилах для наружной рекламыCity Council deputies supported the amendments to the Concept of development of outdoor advertising in the capital.

The land Commission of city Council supported the draft decision on new rules for outdoor advertising.

Deputy Chairman of the KCSA Oleksiy Reznikov said that the project “reform”, they say, new rules of placing of outdoor advertising will completely change the face of the capital. He also promised that after the adoption of the rules of the city Council, the installation of advertising structures “hindsight” will not. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

February 7 at the meeting of permanent Commission of Kyiv city Council on issues of urban planning, architecture and land use 13-th vote deputies supported the draft decision “On amendments to the decision of the city Council January 26, 2012 No. 20/7357 “On approval of Concept of development of outdoor advertising in the city of Kiev”.

“We are talking about the tasks to change the face of Kyiv. Today only through e-democracy 70 thousand of Kyivans have voted for various petitions relating to significant limitations or reductions in the number of outdoor advertising on the streets. In addition, appropriate individual-treatment suggests that this urgent problem to be solved”, – said at saciii of the Commission, the Deputy Chairman of the KCSA Oleksiy Reznikov. According to him, in the draft decision that is proposed, it is, among other things, prohibiting the placing of advertising designs on all road junctions, about the restriction of placing advertising structures at intersections, pedestrian crossings, bus shelters, etc.

Earlier, on 2 February, a draft decision on the new conditions of placing of advertising media in Kyiv was taken into consideration by the Commission Council on transport, communications and advertising.

“We have a positive vote of the land Commission. Ahead of the consideration of the draft decision by the Commission on trade, entrepreneurship and regulatory policy and provides a summary of the profile Committee on questions of advertising. The decision of the standing committees of the city Council is Advisory in nature. Thus, the land Commission has recommended that city Council adopt the related draft decision”, – said Reznikov.

According to him, work on the draft decision continued for more than six months with the involvement of industry representatives. Mr. Reznikov said that dialogue with operators is ongoing, and all tried and tested suggestions will be submitted to the relevant Committee on issues of transport, communications and advertising.

“The question today is about how to remove corruption, which led to the fact that the city is littered with advertising structures. I would like to make decisions together with another project, which concerns the placement of informational signs. The adoption of these two fateful decisions will in the course of the year to change the face of our city, to liberate it from the visual garbage. I also want to eliminate any manipulation on the subject of placement of advertising media after the adoption of the new document: where it is impossible to set advertising means, not anyone, not a company. No exceptions can be and will not be”, – promised Alexey Reznikov.

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