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The CIA has opened access to 12 million secret documents

ЦРУ открыло доступ к 12 миллионам секретных документовDeclassified materials relating to the work of the CIA from the inception to the mid 1990-ies.

The Central intelligence Agency has placed in the public access part of his archive.

Documents uploaded to the online library material on the website of the CIA, partially ottsenzurovan. However, as stressed by the representative of the CIA Heather Fritz Horniak, we are talking only minor edits.

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“Anything separately is not selected. It’s a complete story, with all the good and all the bad,” said Horniak.

The declassification of the archives of U.S. government agencies, including the CIA, is carried out in accordance with the Law on freedom of information.
More than 12 million pages of archival documents published by the CIA in the public domain, among other things, contain information on the work of the intelligence services during the wars in Korea and Vietnam, as well as during the cold war.

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