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The Chronicles of the stone fists. Review of the film “the RAID: Bullet in the head” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

From the impregnable prison, leaving behind dozens of corpses, running sentenced to death by the drug Lord, crime boss Lee, nicknamed the “Father from hell”. For many years he’s been kidnapping babies, raising them from the mysterious caste of the elusive, ruthless and all-powerful killers. His “children” slavishly loyal to him and ready to execute any order. When on the sea shore, barely alive, find a guy with a bullet in his head, not remembering who he is and where such order is entered. Wounded and suffering from amnesia Ishmael should not get out of the hospital! To survive and regain his memory – he’ll have to send to the light the army of murderers who, perhaps, was once his “family”…

It would seem that the era of the dashing bloody massacre and gang shootings have gone from Asian cinema in the 90-ies together with the Hong Kong films of John Woo, and since it would be possible to put a cross on a boiling action and frostbitten massacre psychopaths of all stripes. However, everything changed with the release of the Indonesian painting “the RAID” in 2011-m to year, suddenly became one of the best fighters of the last decade. About the actor IKO Wise immediately talked about as the new star of movies with martial arts and the action proposed to the audience that was in the European and American militants – naturalism on the verge of what is permitted, choreography and adrenaline-soaked insanity. After there are no less noble the sequel, and now, finally, the third incarnation of the series. This film was awaited with impatience and hope… more interesting to find out what eventually happened.

You should start, perhaps, with the unexpected “gift” from the movie, more precisely, from its localization: “the RAID: Bullet in the head” is irrelevant to the franchise “RAID”. Well, that is absolutely, completely irrelevant. It’s like if you called “Eraser” with Arnold Schwarzenegger sometime in the vein of “Commando: the Erasure”. Partly this move is clear – to attach a new job with IKO Wisom on the tail of the well-established series, and thus dragged to the cinema more people… but I bet the first thing will be to write in the reviews, will look like this: “What is that?!! It’s not a RAID!!! We have been deceived!!! The execution of the distributors!!!” Of course, the film industry of Indonesia may not boast many big names, and to some extent we can ignore the fact, as it is called, if there continue to hack and clobber. However, to say that this is a good move by the national languages, alas, the language is not rotated.

So what we have before us, really?

And in fact in front of us “movie with the dude from the movie” called “Headshot” (headshot), in addition to fight it the viewer is invited even drama with stories of love, revenge, and… let’s say, spiritual rebirth.

Straight to the main action failed. Yes, it’s not as inventive, as in “RAID”, but to say which is worse or furious enoughtoughbloodymerciless – explicitly smalodushnichal. Indonesian players are still frostbitten on his head, crushing the guilty and the innocent left and right and not stop before anything. To shoot the bus with passengers – easy to kill their own for being “too much loud talking” – easily. The program also includes a punching head telescopic baton, the shootout wall to wall in a prison corridor and a countless number of strangulation and stab wounds. Two hours of history, you can count on your fingers those who are not going to kill IKO UISA, and who then would have smacked him in full.

Actually, what is all this worth a watch.

Another great surprise was the participation of actor Sunny Panga in the role of the main villain. From the first minute of “father from hell” Lee confidently join the list of cinematic psychopaths, grinning a smile of Hannibal Lecter and in cold blood killing everything in its path. Its predatory and calculating nature is a sure competition to collect and focus the hero IKO UISA. The final battle is long and epic, full of elegance and professionalism… in a word, all the laws of the genre.

Well, now about the drama. It’s terrible. She’s almost as bad as the one kestabilan Korean drama that like your girlfriend, and where you threw up another title. The plot is formulaic as much as it can be formulaic story: the lost memory, dark past, a pile of assassins, girlfriend hostage… somewhere among all this actors are trying to play faces the fateful decision, but it is slightly better than bricks in the wall. And really want to cry. Really, how pathetic it looks.

Also worth noting is the slowness of the action. Five original bosses-enemies with deployed between five to ten minutes each – this is clearly overkill. Each of them heartily clobber the main character, so that the result is a movie about how a bunch of people half an hour to beat ICO UISA, but that proved to be extremely strong head and stone fists.

Weird to say that about a two-hour movie, but it would decrease by half an hour.

However, the overall impression of “the RAID: Bullet in the head” (aka “Headshot”) remains positive. Here is what people go to see these movies: vivid action, naturalism and waving his fists at the subtle eye speed. And exotic Indonesian realities and landscapes is enough to brighten up the domestic rainy evening.

Verdict: 6 out of 10, a tight but stylish Asian action movie with lots of Guro and tightly staged action scenes.

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