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The choice of laptop winter 2016-2017

How to choose a good and quality laptop? The basic principles that govern buyers when buying such devices are reliability and affordability.

The choice of the manufacturer

There are different opinions, but it is best to turn to trusted manufacturers that exist in the market. Among the brands, which proved themselves, it is worth noting Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung, Toshiba. Choosing the “laptop”, you need to understand what it meant. If the model is purchased for business, work, usual, no need for special capacities and characteristics. Buying a laptop for gaming purposes, you should be ready to fork out, because the performance is great and the rest of the “stuff” costs money. You can select universal, which will be the Central link between them. Also, you need to take into account the screen size, it depends on the quality of time spent at the computer. Basically, they are 15 inch and above.

Appearance and specifications

The selected device should like, because the body is not always possible to replace. The choice of design is a matter of taste, but it is also important. When choosing a model of interest, you should pay attention to the body. If there are any aluminum parts, is a great advantage. Usually on aluminum panels has neither stains nor scratches. In addition to the screen size of the laptop, the importance of the type of matrix TN (a matrix is less expensive, has less color transfer, and has a certain angle) and IPS (matrix, more expensive, disadvantages in terms of viewing angles and has a wonderful rich colours). The most important part of any “laptop” is the processor and its choice should be treated very responsibly. The speed of the device depends on this detail. Those who are going to spend time playing the purchased apparatus, it is necessary to have a laptop with a powerful graphics card. The better the graphics card, the better and smoother will be the picture on the screen during the game. For heavy games or programs, be sure to have the RAM not less than 4GB. Basically, the more RAM, the better, as the requirements of games and programs are constantly increasing. Do not forget about the hard drive and the battery, the bigger they are, the more expensive the cost of the laptop in General.

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Where to buy laptop?

Often, the laptops are purchased in the store or on the Internet. But in most major stores such as Foxtrot, Eldorado and others have online counterparts, where you can find and order the desired model. When buying in online stores that operate from a specific network, you can be sure that when purchasing the machine will be warranted.

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The best “laptop” one that never got serviced. But unfortunately, it is impossible to buy a laptop for life. After a certain time, any breakdown or it’s hopelessly obsolete, and in any case have to buy new. We should not forget about the factor that any technology can fail, so always keep your personal data on external media, and then photos, videos and other files will remain with you always.

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