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The Chinese village was hit by a rain of meteor fragments

На китайскую деревню обрушился дождь из осколков метеоритаChinese treasure hunters in the confusion raked and sell fragments of a meteorite after a fireball lit up the sky on the border between China and Burma.

The villagers living in southwestern Yunnan province, where last Friday it was raining from the fragments of the meteorite, asking up to 50,000 yuan ($5,000) per gram of stone is about 50 times more than the normal price.

On Chinese TV there were pictures of a huge fireball that hurtles to earth in the sky. Some parts of “tears of a meteorite” rammed roofs of rural houses.

On Monday, was found more than 200 fragments of the cosmic body. One of them, a 20-gram piece, was sold for 24,000 yuan ($2,500), say the Chinese media.

Jiang Wei, an expert on meteorites, said in Beijing that the price of these fragments are “far beyond reasonable”.

The market frenzy has led to the fact that local officials have issued a warning to local residents that the meteorites represent scientific value, and not the potential for earnings.

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