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The Chinese successfully launched the largest satellite navigation system

Китайцы успешно запустили крупнейшую спутниковую систему навигацииChina was the launch of the largest satellite navigation and positioning.

According to NASA, the main function of the new system is providing more detailed location-a particular mode of transport.

The system includes several centers for processing and data transmission: one national and 30 provincial. Also important component are the base stations satellite navigation, which has about 2.7 thousand

Chinese authorities hope to give the new system a detailed navigation service for specific users. It is also planned to improve the organization and regulation of road traffic, particularly in Metropolitan areas. The new system will provide a variety of services, including locating transportation, representatives of emergency rescue, ambulance and other municipal services, whose assistance may need drivers.

Earlier media reported about the successful completion of ground testing Chinese seaplane, which was considered the largest in the world.

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