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The Chinese revenge for cheating man, who met with them at the same time. Video

Китаянки отомстили за обман мужчине, встречавшемся с ними одновременно. ВидеоIt turned out that he not only cheated, but also fraudulently lured women large sums of money.

It turned out that the man with the surname Fu borrowed from each of the women in debt of over £22 thousand, ostensibly for the operation of the mother. While one of them gave it their Mini Cooper.

After learning about the cheating, Chinese women got together and ambushed the deceiver, intending to learn his motives. The man initially tried to flee, but was detained with two other guys.

According to the publication, women leading up to the incident were not familiar with each other. One of her friends named Fu Wei became suspicious because of his strange behavior. Besides, she had never seen his boyfriend, and he constantly changed his place of residence.

Noticing that the man constantly communicating with someone, she took his phone and called the number. She said the woman, who turned out to also met with Fu. Later it turned out that with him and also met a good friend of Wei.

In result the girls decided to take revenge on the man who, waylaid, taken to the police station. However, to repent of their actions, the attacker did not.

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