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The Chinese have released a new budget electric car

 Китайцы выпустили новый бюджетный электрокарThe Chinese made a small electric car in the Volvo for 2,3 thousand dollars.

China has made a compact electric vehicle by using the front part in the style of the Volvo.

Electric exhibition in the Chinese City gathered many very peculiar car. This “tapered” Byvin electric car Xiaozhuangyuan E-Ass, and “embryo Mercedes” Luxing iStar. Also among the exhibits were equally interesting T-King Oujia.

T-King Oujia — another Chinese car class LSEV (low-speed electric cars) with elements of plagiarism. In particular, the car received a grille Volvo, which is a signature element of the Swedish brand for many years.

T-King Oujia is manufactured by T-King produces previously, a number of commercial vehicles with petrol and diesel engines — trucks and vans. However, in recent years she’s switched to electric cars, electrificarea most of the existing vehicles and adding a line of LSEV. It is noteworthy that the name of the new Oujia stands for “Europe is good” and alludes to European quality.

Like other similar kind of cars, T-King Oujia has a very compact dimensions: 3000х1400х1450 mm. But this machine is, what distinguishes it from others is the bright interior (most of LSEV have a dark, dim room). Inside elektrokompakt — the infotainment system with the remote control.

T-King Oujia equipped with an electric motor capacity of 4 HP Maximum speed is 35 km/h and cruising range is 100 km away.

Buy an electric car design, Volvo’s offer for 2,3 thousand dollars.

 Китайцы выпустили новый бюджетный электрокар
 Китайцы выпустили новый бюджетный электрокар

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