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The Chinese have perfected a quantum computer

Китайцы усовершенствовали квантовый компьютерMachine power surpassed all classical computers.

Chinese scientists have developed a quantum computer that power has surpassed all classical computers.

On his achievement, scientists from the Chinese University of science and technology announced at a press conference held in Shanghai.

Academician pan, tsaneva and his colleagues from the Chinese University of science and technology Chaoyang Lu and Zhu Xiaobo and Wang Chaohua of Zhejiang University has established two international records in the control of the maximum number of entangled photonic quantum bits and the entangled superconducting quantum bits.

According to pan Stanway, quantum computers, in principle, able to solve some tasks faster than classical computers. However, despite significant progress in the last two decades, the creation of quantum machines that can actually outperform conventional computers in solving certain tasks, as well as earlier remains a challenge.

“The results of the tests showed that the sampling frequency of the prototype quantum computer for a minimum of 24 000 higher than the international counterparts,” – said Mr. tsaneva.

This is the first quantum computer created on the basis of single photons and is superior to classical computers. The prototype will allow you to get closer to creating a quantum computer that is more perfect than classical computers.

Quantum computer — computing device that uses the phenomena of quantum superposition and quantum entanglement for data transmission and processing. Full universal quantum computer is a hypothetical device, the possibility of the construction of which is associated with a serious development of quantum theory in the field of many particles and complex experiments.

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