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The Chinese have built the world’s first “inverted” hotel

Китайцы построили первый в мире «перевернутый» отельThe project is called “Inverted heaven”.

China has built an unusual “upside-down” hotel that will open on November 20. The main feature is location and the fact that 16 of the 19 floors of ultra-modern hotel complex is located below ground level.

Only three floors Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental rise above the mountain. But all the rooms overlook the outdoor air. The architects designed the building so that it is as it rolls down the steep cliff of the large abandoned quarry.

They built the hotel 10 years. Worked on it 5 thousand engineers and workers. They had a good smash his head over how to place the equipment in the career and how to make so that the concrete does not harden when applied to 77 meters down.

The chief engineer of the project described these and other complexities “wrestling with gravity”. The hotel has 336 rooms, each equipped with a balcony, which offers stunning views of the waterfalls flowing from the top of the quarry.

They are created specially, that is, water is supplied according to the authors of the project. At the bottom of these streams form a lake, at the “bottom” of which there are two underwater floors with aquarium-like Windows. There will be placed underwater restaurant.

The cost of construction is estimated at $555 million, and the price per night will begin with $360. The authors of the project – Shimao Property Group and the British Atkins.

A five-star hotel will be part of the theme Park, which will be located at 428 thousand square meters. As we mentioned, the floor rise above the mountain.

This original solution has allowed to create the impression that before us is a three-story building, not a skyscraper. And to find yourself on the other floors, you will have to climb up and down. “Inverted heaven” is located 30 km away from Shanghai. However, despite that all rooms are already booked for weeks in advance.

Китайцы построили первый в мире «перевернутый» отель

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