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The Chinese are going to start cooperation with aliens

Китайцы собираются начать сотрудничество с инопланетянами First contact with aliens – an important task set by the government.

China has set the goal first to make contact with aliens. This is the conclusion reached by many experts, not only from ufologists, but also quite official scientists of the world.

And all this is done on the background of exaggerated fog in this question and the introduction is misleading to the wider public of obsolete theories, the type of paradox Enrico Fermi, according to which mankind has only a faint hope that somewhere in the Universe there is a mind like our own.

However, has long existed and is growing from year to year people’s beliefs in the existence of aliens among us and outside our planet, like the moon, which just can’t be a satellite because, according to the irrefutable findings of scientists, this cosmic body is older than the Earth, not to mention the many indirect evidence that Selenium or more like a huge alien spaceship, or at their base.

But if there is such a conviction, even among ordinary people, then, of course, the governments of the leading countries, especially space-faring Nations have long tacitly participate in the race, who was the first to make contact with aliens. Not going to discuss conspiracy theories that the US (and possibly Russia) has long been in contact with aliens, on the agenda of discussion by the analysts is now another superpower – China.

In recent years, the government of China is literally “throwing money away”, trying in the space industry to jump even between the U.S. and Russia (together), not to mention the European countries. Suffice it to recall the construction in China of a unique radio telescope FAST with the biggest plate in the world – 500 meters (the area of thirty football fields, for comparison). And all this is done in order to establish contact, as admitted by the scientists themselves Chinese CNSA, with a clearly meaningful signals coming from space.

Китайцы собираются начать сотрудничество с инопланетянами

Next step China – launch of the Rovers, the latter of which “Jade rabbit 2” lander Chang’e-4 Rover just recently, successfully lands on the opposite side of the moon. Officially – to explore hidden from humans artificial Earth satellite (see video below), but conspiracy theorists believe that the main goal of the Chinese to establish contact with aliens:

perhaps because of the radio telescope FAST, they still got some information, and therefore hastened to the moon, it is on that part of it which all the more favourable to the home base of the aliens;
perhaps a radio telescope FAST did not give the expected results in this direction, and now the Chinese are trying to achieve such communication through a “colonization” of the moon, but in this case, seems suspicious of their desire to get it on its reverse side.

In conclusion we can say that there are UFO theory, according to which first the Moon and then the Earth was created by aliens artificially. How, we do not understand, because earthlings are not Mature enough to do this, either technically or morally, and even psychologically. But if this theory is true even if only 20 percent, and China is developing rapid space activities are not in vain.

Left open in this case only one significant question: why in the last century something similar (their lunar mission) suddenly stopped the USSR and the USA? Whether there will be something similar in the near future with China?

Well, let’s wait and see, especially, lunar Rover, China is already on the satellite, and that he will show today interesting not only to Orthodox scientists, almost all the researchers of space, UFOs, supporters of various konspirologichesky theories, even the common people of earth, not quite indifferent to this subject.

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