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The Chinese are developing a new map of the moon

Китайцы разрабатывают новую карту ЛуныSeveral Chinese universities are working to create new detailed maps of the lunar surface.

The drawing scale will be ready in a few years and will be 1: 2.5 million.

According to Ouyang ziyuan of the first head of research, five universities and research institutes have established certain standards for the digital mapping of the geological structure of the moon. The version of the sketch map with dimensions of 4.36×2.2 metres will be completely ready by 2018, and officially released by 2020. The final work of specialists would contain the information about the structure, Geology and types of rocks, thus reflecting the chronology of the evolution of the lunar surface.

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For the creation of a plan structure of the moon responsible geologist Chen Chengbo of Jilin province and his team. The final version will clearly demonstrate lunar geography in geographical phases, craters and other, with a description of appearance, structure and dimensions. The display will depend on the received data and images from circumlunar satellites.

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