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The characteristic features of panic attacks that you should pay attention

Характерные признаки панических атак, на которые следует обратить вниманиеTherapists told how to recognize panic attacks and what to do with it.

Not everyone will be able to recognize a panic attack, accepting it as a surge of emotion. In fact, panic attacks are quite common and this despite the fact that the professional medical apply, not all.

Who is susceptible to panic attacks?

Often, panic attacks afflict smokers, people with food and alcohol addictions, those who constantly lies and moves a little, has a tendency to take any information to heart, and overly emotional people, have a soul many fears.

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The first signs of panic attack:

– accelerated heartbeat;

– the obsession of a new idea, gives people an unpleasant feeling of fear or agitation;

– quite often during a panic attack a person thinks about the fact that he will die, and no one will save;

– increased perspiration;

– complications in breathing and may even result in shortness of breath;

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– loss of consciousness;

– dizziness and headache;

– numbness of the limbs;

– increased blood pressure;

– insomnia;

– the inability to focus the eyes on some object.

If nothing is done, and not to treat the person with panic attacks then over time he may develop panic disorder or other mental illness.

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