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The channel “Friday!” is suing the Network users who are critical of “Revizorro”

After the inspection of restaurants and hotels in Russian regions Elena Volatile lashed RAID on the capital of the institution. Of course, not all the owners met us with joy. Volatile has managed to face the extremely negative attitude: the presenter was locked in a freezer, it even ran a bucket of water.

Are unable to remain silent and the users of the Network, where for several weeks of tense debate. Bloggers lead the debate, supporting or condemning the lady. Even more heated debate arose after the program about the restaurant “Odessa-Mama”.

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The TV Channel “Friday!”, where is show “Revizorro”, decided to apply to the Arbitration court of Moscow and to prove that some statements of users of the Network contain information discrediting nature, as well as detrimental to the business reputation of LLC “Television company Friday”.

Some of the comments too categorical, and the TV channel “Friday!” asks the court to verify their compliance with reality. In the court room will consider the statements of users such as: Ilya Vitinov, Arthur Pasahow, Mikhail Mironov, Zhanna Nesterova and others.

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Недавно Елена Летучая вышла замуж

После медового месяца телеведущая сразу приступила к работе

Поклонники надеются увидеть блондинку в новых выпусках "Ревизорро"

Елена Летучая

Елена также готовит к выходу несколько новых проектов

Елена Летучая


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