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The chamber declined to comment on the failure of the “Power of Siberia” Gazprom

Счетная палата отказалась комментировать срыв «Силы Сибири» «Газпромом»

The chamber declined to comment on “the” the information about the possible failure of the multibillion-dollar contract to supply gas to China on the part of the state company “Gazprom”. Department under the direction of Alexei Kudrin considered that possible failure of one of the major oil and gas megaprojects of Russia is not within the competence of the accounting chamber.

The Department did not respond to any of the 16 questions “”, the denial of the comments the chamber has explained the fact that for violations related to subsoil use in Russia is the Federal service for ecological, technological and nuclear supervision (Rostekhnadzor).

“In accordance with paragraph government decree of 30 July 2004 № 401 supervision and control over safe conduct of works related to subsoil use is in the competence of the Federal service for ecological, technological and nuclear supervision (Rostekhnadzor). Verification activities (investigations), connected with problems of subsoil use as laid down in clause 6.2 of the resolution for RTN”, — is spoken in the answer of the auditor.

In addition to technical violations “” in the query interested in the opinion of the accounting chamber based on the non-competitive public procurement for the development of the Chayanda field, which acts as a resource base for gas pipeline “Power of Siberia”. Speech, in particular, was about the contract between “Gazprom” and the company, which is owned by the son of Arkady Rotenberg, “Gazprom drilling”. Also “” asked former and future inspections of the company in connection with the violations.

“Until now, the accounts chamber of the individual activities on the issues raised in the appeal were not conducted. The information received will be studied and taken into account when planning the expert-analytical activities”, — is spoken in the answer of the auditor.

It is worth noting that recently the audit chamber has published the results of their audits concerning oil and gas reserves throughout Russia. The Agency noted that Russian companies tend to exaggerate the size of oil and gas reserves. “During written off the state balance of nearly five annual volumes of oil production and more than nine annual volumes of gas production”, — was stated in the report of the accounting chamber.

“Gazprom” has jeopardized the whole project “Power of Siberia” for years while ignoring numerous technical violations in the Chayandinskoye field. According to calculations “the”, the total losses of the state company can exceed 1.5 trillion rubles. To save the project, the company is willing to additionally spend about a trillion rubles will be forwarded for the construction of a sweeping of the gas pipeline “Power of Siberia-2”. Itself “Gazprom” claims that there are no problems in the “Power of Siberia” no, but information about problems of the project refused to comment.

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