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The chair was caused to a Boxing promoter Solovyov

Джигурда вызвал на боксёрский ринг пропагандиста Соловьёва

Russian actor and musician Nikita Dzhigurda called the TV host Vladimir Solovyov on the Boxing fight.

“This is not an online duel, but the real — in the Boxing ring. Vladimir Soloviev, I love you divine love, but not respect for what you do and for what you’re doing. You insulted me in your program lies, subterfuge. In your program included the lie that I brought someone money and bought a passport and the DNI.

Even challenge you to a duel for what you were not allowed to talk to the Professor-virologist Igor Gundarov. For that you obscene act with Vasily Utkin, my favorite. For what you mistook my brilliant game and my character not the real me. You can only over the weak izgolyatsya. Warblers, you’re practicing Boxing. Therefore, let it be a Boxing fight. You’re younger than me. Don’t be afraid to…

I am a diverse and unified. But very gentle. I won’t let cynics like Vladimir Solovyov stomped on my scarlet flower. I knock Solovyov. I hope after that it will back a conscience, he sold,” said Dzhigurda.

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