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The celestial guard of humanity, or Aliens vs. noble condottiere

Mercenary William, Garin (Matt Damon) has seen a lot in his lifetime. Battle, blood, death, friendship and betrayal. But what he met in the expedition, trying to find the secret of black powder, amazed even the seasoned dog of war.

Unknown monster attacking the Great Wall of China and trying to get to numerous human meat for her.

A monster that can destroy the entire world.

And now Garino, usually warring only for money and a piece of bread, you need to make some difficult choices. Hope springs eternal and carefree to live his remaining few years. Or to risk his life to save China, and with it all humanity.

Most Chinese (and Indian) are computed literally from the first sight. But on the other parameters. If the cinema of the country Hindi is different mass songs and dances, the paintings of the Central state, often pleasing to the eye the brightest colors and geometric constructions of extras.

The Great Wall – a truly Chinese movie. Marches, building, and rebuilding the warriors of the Nameless order. Them cutting eye convex neat cloaks and armor. In General, the colors, as always, the Directors have paid a lot of attention. Dudes.

Looks in General good, but a little funny. Especially when you consider that all exercise soldiers occur on the wall and is absolutely not affect the speed of eating their creatures.

Even more fun to look tactical delights of the leadership of the Order. Hit of the season was the performance of blue ladies-“cranes”. It is clear that “the king much,” especially if he is the Emperor of China, but so mad the use of trained fighters, I have never seen before.

Great wall — the most expensive film ($150 000 000 budget), filmed almost entirely in China (several scenes with China has shared New Zealand).

And as you are diligently saving of gunpowder on an abstract “black day”? Despite the fact that you are fighting not with people whose spies can get into the castle and blow up the powder magazine. Or start firing your kruit cameras. Moreover, almost not using his most powerful weapon, you somehow forget about banal boiling tar and stones drop from the walls (and the wall itself against such enemies had to be designed differently, ledges there, the spikes more polished slopes). Soon arrows flying, Yes death row inmates (that have been of the Order – except for gunpowder of course) – the only thing appropriate to beat an enemy – wall blades.

And it is against creatures whose survival is simply amazing. Killing monsters or getting into eyes (apparently, the brain at Tao Tay right behind the eyes), or explosion. Helps specific shredding into pieces (if you’re not Matt Damon, of course, that all is easier given).

Melee is the exchange of one creature for 3-5 dozen people (again, if Damon is not at hand), and do not help any spear, no armor, no shields, no system.

To be honest, I never understood why animals night quietly climbed up to the wall and dined by all the defenders of the polls. Still face-to-face people they can not oppose anything.

Strategically, the situation is also absolutely not revealed. Where it appeared Tao Tay, from space or from the depths of the earth? Why China? What does the greed of the ancient Emperor, which referred to pathetic in one word? “A” said, but “B” has not sounded.

Not to mention the constant feeling of “deja vu”, which is apparent throughout the picture. Interestingly, there was at least one plot device, not seen before in a dozen other films?

And motivation Willem Garena well, very controversial. It is clear lyuboff, but somehow very quickly from an ordinary soldier of fortune, he turns into a noble warrior. Against this background, in his covetous PAL Pen Tobar (Pedro Pascal) believe it is much more.

Matt Damon in his place, but obviously bored, and no acting feats shows and close. And about the motivation of the character, most of all spoil the impression from the image, I said.

Is that bad and to take up tape does not make sense?

Overall, as you know, The Great Wall is absolutely a pass, but sometimes a beautiful fantasy with a poorly thought out script and limping on both legs the logic of the plot. But beggars can’t be choosers, especially if you like fantasy adventure, you can see it.

Brutal hero, beating a fly in the eye, and Tao Tay in both at once. His humorous friend. Chinese General porcelain face without a single wrinkle. Long battles and other action. And most importantly – are secondary, but still very impressive snusmumrik, sorry Tao Tay.

As the saying goes: inner teenager – indulgently approves.

Ergo. Average and formulaic fantasy adventure focused on the form rather than on content. Safely look sincere fans of Damon, or fans of the genre. You can still try for those who terribly missed the adventure.

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