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The causes why men live less than women

Названы причины почему мужчины живут меньше женщинMen are 1.5 times more women die from cardiovascular disease.

In 2002, there were 6 countries, where men lived longer than women. In 2015, these States no longer exists. It’s time to figure out what’s going on.

Cardiovascular disease

Men are 1.5 times more women die from cardiovascular disease, according to the Association for the study of heart disease in the United States. If women are at risk about age 55, men are at risk of life.

Experts say that men are more likely to suffer from heart disease because more people smoke, drink alcohol and eat fatty foods.


Testosterone is a hormone that affects reproductive function in males, muscle mass and male behavior. Harvard researcher Dr. Carl Pallas in February 2014 proved that the excess of testosterone in the blood increases the level of harmful LDL cholesterol. Lipoprotein (LDL) promotes the formation of plaque, narrowing the arteries. Over time plaque can block the artery completely, causing increased risk of heart attack.

The attitude of the doctors

There is a setting that a man must endure pain. According to statistics from the Agency for healthcare and research quality, men are 24% less women visit doctors and family Fund John Kaiser says that in 2012, 28% of men have no health insurance Marianne Legato in the book “Why men die first: how to increase life expectancy,” notes that men often deny illness and diligently do not notice the symptoms of diseases, not to go to the doctor.

Infant mortality

Experts UNICEF has released a series of reports on infant mortality. Professor joy lawn, doctor of medical Sciences from the London school, in his study concluded that the development of boys in the womb is slower. Because of this, they are 14% more likely to be born early. By the time of birth the child does not have time to form the lungs and may develop RDS (respiratory distress syndrome, when the lungs are not disclosed with the first cry)

Food habits

According to the Gallup survey, men consume fast food 2 times more often than women. Nutritionist Cindy Jones-Schumann came to the conclusion that men love fast food for several reasons: it’s quick, tasty and convenient. But a huge amount of fat, salt and food additives makes these foods harmful to the heart and blood vessels.

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