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The causes of premature aging

Названы причины преждевременного старенияWomen who lead a sedentary lifestyle, lose eight years of life.

Older women who lead a sedentary lifestyle, lose eight years of life. To such conclusion scientists from the Medical school of the University of California in San Diego. Article with results published in the American journal of Epidemiology.

The study involved 1500 women aged 64 to 95 years. On their right thigh was assigned to the accelerometer, which tracked physical activity of the subjects for seven days during waking hours and night time. The researchers then measured the length of telomeres — the end parts of chromosomes, whose shortening is associated with aging.

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It was found that those women who engaged in exercise at least 30 minutes per day, telomere length was more than those who led a sedentary life. This indicates that cells age faster last. In turn, this increases the risk of such serious age-related diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

Telomeres consist of a series of repetitive DNA sequences. They protect the breeding of the chromosome from damage, but at each cell division shortening. It is believed that this process is associated with aging and cells with too short telomeres are unable to fulfil their functions and die.

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