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The causes of extinction antisemi

Названы причины исчезновения АнтиземлиFor a long time among scientists it was believed that the Earth is its antipode, which was named Antinella.

So far it has failed to find, so experts began to put forward versions about the reasons why this object could disappear.

Various scientific publications publish information that will Antisamy was observed by ancient astronomers during the time of Pythagoras, but then she, about five hundred years ago, suddenly disappeared. NASA decided to check it out, and in 2006 the suspected antisense was carried out starting from the two STEREO probes. They examined the specified portion of space, but nothing like the antipode of the Earth could not find. They were photographed only by a massive comet. However, many scientists continue to insist that Antizemlya exist. As reasons, they cite the law of gravitation, according to which any body can not stay in one place and, therefore, the antithesis could easily leave its orbit and travel to another part of the Universe.

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It is considered that its size is twice that of the earth, the annual cycle lasts about three days, and the average temperature in the range of +22 degrees.

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