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The cause of the crash of a Russian spacecraft

Названа причина крушения российского космического корабляRoscosmos said that the official version of the fall of the spacecraft Progress.

The Commission of experts of the Russian space Agency has published the results of investigations into the causes of the fall of the space cargo ship Progress MS-04.

The Russian space Agency concluded that the most likely cause of the fall of the ship was the autopsy of one of the tanks of the third stage.

The accident occurred emergency mechanical separation of the third stage of the carrier rocket and the main part of the cargo of the ship.

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“The most probable cause of the accident was the opening of the tank “On” the third stage of LV (launch vehicle) as a result of exposure to the elements, resulting in the destruction of the engine 11Д55 due to inflammation and further destruction of the pump oxidizer. The reason of ignition of the oxidizer pump could be the possible ingress of foreign particles into the cavity of the pump or possible violation of the technology of the engine Assembly 11Д55″, – said in the conclusions of the experts of Roscosmos.

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In the future, the Federal space Agency expects to carry out work to ensure a safe launch of the next vehicle Progress MS-05.

Recall, 1 December from the Baikonur cosmodrome to the International space station launched a rocket Soyuz-U with cargo transport vehicle Progress MS-04. On Board the truck were, in particular, fruits and vegetables for new year Board the ISS astronauts.

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