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The cause of the abolition of the continue Half-Life

Названа причина отмены продолжения Half-LifeThe source believes that Valve will never release Half-Life 3.

According to the source, the company actually planned to release a sequel to shooter. In different periods of time at Valve there were several groups, which created a new part of the game, however, this process was difficult because of the special format of the work. So, in the Studio there is complete creative freedom, so many projects stops almost before it began.

As an example, a former employee brought the release of episodes for Half-Life 2. According to him, it was the most serious attempt to do something within the franchise, but the project still was not a dedicated team.

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The source believes that Valve will never release Half-Life 3, because now it is more interested in multiplayer Dota and Counter-Strike. However, the Studio does not plan to give a continuation of the cult shooter to a third-party developer, as the result may be bad, which will further upset the fans, he added.

The author and editor Andrew Reiner (Andrew Reiner) said that he had spent working on this article two years. He noted that he had sent letters to 30 former and current employees of Valve, but only one of them agreed to give an interview and wished to remain anonymous. For this reason, Rainer advised to refer to published information skeptical, though adds that it trusts the source.

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Half-Life series of computer games in the genre sci-Fi first-person shooter. The latest episode of the video game came out in 2007. The launch of the third part still has not been announced, causing heated debate among fans.

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