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The cases that NASA chose to remain silent. Photo

Случаи, о которых в NASA предпочли умолчать. ФотоMany conspiracy theorists don’t trust NASA.

NASA is the National Aeronautics and space research. Refers to the Federal government of the United States. It is believed that all of his videos are published immediately and does not change. But is it? Maybe, for our sake from us something to hide.

We have collected the most interesting cases, which I would very much like to forget in the organization. There is hardly possible to find a rational explanation, but as you seem?

1. Interrupt broadcasts. Why?

Случаи, о которых в NASA предпочли умолчать. Фото

There were cases, when NASA removed the live broadcast at that moment on the screen appeared a strange object. Officially NASA explains this by the fact that the signal is lost, but the conspiracy theorists see this as the deliberate concealment of information. It was a weird coincidence or do the deliberate shutdown of air, — nobody knows for sure.

2. Accidentally deleted the recording of the landing on the moon

Случаи, о которых в NASA предпочли умолчать. Фото

Unfortunately, the most that neither is a real record the first steps of mankind on the moon in 1969, lost in the archives of NASA. However, they quickly found the exit, turning to the masters of Hollywood — the company Lowry Digital restored the film earlier films. Specialists restored frames with copies of the videos (they gave broadcaster in 1969), and now on the official website of NASA you can see historical footage of the moon landing, even in better quality than they were made originally. But, of course, historians say that losing the original was a crime. Are unable to disagree with them.

3. Operation Paperclip

Случаи, о которых в NASA предпочли умолчать. Фото

“Operation Paperclip” — a program of the office of strategic services of the United States to recruit scientists from the Third Reich to work in the United States after the Second world war. Which led to the creation of NASA (it turns out that the space Agency was created forgiven by scientists-Nazis). Wow! Basically these scientists were creating rockets. And, by the way, the information about the “Clips” are still mostly classified.

4. NASA hides the remnants of technological civilization?

Случаи, о которых в NASA предпочли умолчать. Фото

This advanced version of the Professor, doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences Alexander Portnov. November 26, 2011 NASA launched the Mars Rover Curiosity. The mission took place safely, the Rover has sent scientists a lot of photographs, among which were very mysterious, but scientists pretty much filter the information coming in open access. According to Portnov, Curiosity had to pass a lot more photos than we know now (thanks to the scientific equipment of the highest level), as well as information or not, or her immediately removed from public access, it says that there is something to hide.

5. The moon could be aliens?

Случаи, о которых в NASA предпочли умолчать. Фото

Lunar reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), launched in 2009, sent to the Ground very interesting images that the conspiracy theorists immediately called proof of life on the moon. Conspiracy theorists of SecureTeam10 drew attention to the formation of round forms on the surface of the moon, which, of course, can be the basis of the aliens. But most likely, it’s the usual education of natural origin.

6. UFO near the Sun?

Случаи, о которых в NASA предпочли умолчать. Фото

On the official website of NASA and the European space Agency, which publishes the images of the Sun in real time, the blogger spotted a strange object near the light and put their observations on YouTube. As soon as he did, the object disappeared from the official NASA website. Why? Unfortunately, no explanation was not followed.

7. Why is the us plane X-37B to fly in space without explanation from NASA?

Случаи, о которых в NASA предпочли умолчать. Фото

What secret military program in which mini-Shuttle X-37B was in space without any reasonable explanation? There were many guesses, but the supporting information. Officially, the X-37B experienced a ion engine (and this is a sensation, it used to be that ion engine Hall effect generally can not work). The oddity is that the aircraft as a platform for testing in the NASA report is not mentioned. The project was classified, when it was transferred to the Agency defense advanced research and the U.S. air force.

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