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The case for a billion: the producers of the TV series “the Walking dead” is suing AMC!

Yesterday reported judicial litigation around the “Children of maize”, and today generally the case for a billion dollars! Scandal-scandalise! The Creator of “the Walking dead” Robert Kirkman, the producers of the show David Alpert, Glen Mazzarri and Gale Anne Hurd accused TV network AMC that they may have deceived them with deductions from profits for a total amount of up to a billion.

Make complaints against AMC was recently filed in the superior court of Los Angeles. The lawsuit alleges that AMC, using the built in Microsoft “power vertical,” has kept the lion’s share of the huge profits from the series instead of having to meet contractual obligations to producers.

The point is that AMC was engaged in both production and presentation of shows, due to what many save on license payments for the right to show each episode. These payments ranged from 1.45 to 2.4 million USD (for each series), while – according to Kirkman and the other plaintiffs these amounts should have been much more.

In his time with AMC sued by Frank Darabont – the man who developed the project based on the comics of Kirkman, but after a few seasons he was with the scandal dismissed. Assessment Darabont, the amount of the license payments for the right of airing each of the episodes should be 30 million dollars. That is, if Darabont, Kirkman and the others are right, it turns out that AMC lied to the producers for each of the episodes more than 27 million dollars – hence it turns out a crazy sum of one billion.

In the case of Darabont, the court on the merits of his claim in the amount of $ 280 million, not finished yet. So the new claim to the AMC for an even greater amount follows. Hollywood is constantly arguing about money, but in this case we are talking about the claims of the producers of “the Walking dead” to AMC, which is hardly a good sign for the series.

The representative of the AMC, of course, trying not to escalate:

Such lawsuits are pretty common in showbiz, but all such cases have one thing in common – they follow success. Virtually every Studio, which turned out to make a successful show, became subject to legal razbiratelstva. And “the Walking dead” have been going on for five years, so there is nothing surprising in such claims. We respect and value the plaintiffs, we will continue to work with them as partners, even if successfully defend against this baseless and predictable opportunistic claim.

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