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The cartoon that inspired the Creator of “the cube”

Present to you the “Balance”, the winner of the “Oscar” in the category “best animated short film” in 1990. It was filmed in 1989 a German animator and twin brothers Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein. As it turned out, this strange and grim animated work inspired by canadian Director Vincenzo Natali to create his first feature film — “the Cube”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Synopsis the short film really evokes certain associations:

Flat floating in the air platform there are five people dressed in grey coat. You can distinguish them only by the numbers on the backs— 23, 35, 51, 75, 77. When moving the platform, they must be careful to maintain a balance.

Brothers Lauenstein showed this pattern responsive relationship, the dependence of people from each other, but were also here this gloomy atmosphere of uncertainty, unclearness, amounting to surrealism: who are these people, what are their numbers, what’s in the box they found? So was the Cube. I admit, this is one of my favorite thrillers, mysterious, spooky, and filled with subtext, however, is fundamentally incomprehensible. And if the sequel was quite good, the prequel “Cube zero” I fiercely hate: Ernie Barbarash just went and trampled all that was good in the original.

By the way, remember in 2015, Lionsgate promised to get a remake, then called “cubed”, but until the production is mired at the stage of writing the script. Maybe it’s for the best?

Cube 1997 release was the forerunner to the large number of “room of romance”, the most prominent of which — “Saw” by James WAN. Well, we’ll see animated short film brothers Lowenstein, the former, so to speak, the forerunner of the forerunner.

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