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The cars that were used by Soviet spies. Photo

 Автомобили, которыми пользовались советские шпионы. ФотоThe secret cars.

Every country has intelligence agencies whose main goal is to protect the state system from enemies – both external and internal. These services are classified, and therefore requests for cars have always been special and highly classified.

1. ZIS-115

 Автомобили, которыми пользовались советские шпионы. Фото

Perhaps one of the most famous “secret” cars of the Soviet Union, standing on arms of special services of the state. Externally, the car looked like a limousine ZIS-110, which after the war moved virtually the entire political elite of the country. The appearance, however, the similarities of the two models ended.

The main feature of the 115-armored body, which bore the laconic title “product No. 100”. On the window was a laminated glass with a thickness of 75 mm. Glass was so heavy that to raise them accounted for by means of hydraulic jacks. There were about 30 ZIS-115. However, all the information about the machines was classified by the KGB.

2. GAZ M-20G Pobeda

 Автомобили, которыми пользовались советские шпионы. Фото

A Ghost-car. Unfortunately, up to now no one came. Perhaps this car is in someone’s private collection. The machine was developed specially for the KGB and was intended to accompany the tuples with important persons. According to official data, there were about a hundred GAZ M-20G.

Rode the “Victory” on the V6 engines of 90 HP, the Car accelerates more than 130 kmh by Itself externally, the GAZ M-20G was nothing indistinguishable from an ordinary “Victory”, produced for Soviet citizens. Have the option for the KGB was also specific trunk that could be opened only from the inside, turning into a porthole for firing.

3. GAS 23

 Автомобили, которыми пользовались советские шпионы. Фото

This car was produced about 8 years. For the time since the pipeline was launched 603 of the vehicle. In the enclosed documents GAS 23 was called as “fast car”. Intended to accompany other cars. Externally, the GAS 23 looked like an ordinary “Volga”, however, was much more powerful stuffing. Needless to say, the car was never on sale. The drive was on a 5.5-liters V8, outstanding 195 HP in a car was automatic transmission.

The machine was 300 kg heavier than the “Volga” because of the increased strength of the body. Replaced were suspension and more reliable. Maximum speed exceeded 170 km / h To 100 kmh the car accelerated for 16 seconds. For comparison, the Soviet base sedan accelerated to this speed in 34 seconds.

4. ZAZ-966

 Автомобили, которыми пользовались советские шпионы. Фото

This car looks like an ordinary Soviet “Zaporozhets”. The fact that it is really a very ordinary Cossack, who was standing on the arms of the Soviet secret police. Of course, the car was slightly upgraded. She received an 8-cylinder engine and a dual radiator system. All this coupled with an incredibly lightweight body, allowed the driver to work wonders on the road.

High speed performance and absolute resemblance to the usual ZAZ-966, made the hybrid a great tool of surveillance and harassment.

5. GAZ-24-24 “Volga”

 Автомобили, которыми пользовались советские шпионы. Фото

A significantly upgraded successor of the GAZ-23. Externally this “Volga” fully resembled the production model GAZ-24. Of course, the stuffing of the car was much better than the public model. There were a V8 engine, improving the cooling system, and a much more advanced suspension. Machine without problems dispersed to 170 kmh. How many cars were produced is not known, but we know that they are all assembled by hand on special order, and were often individual in their equipment.

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