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The car of the Prosecutor General was in a massive accident in Kiev

Автомобиль Генпрокуратуры попал в масштабное ДТП в КиевеThe originator of epic traffic accidents, according to preliminary data, the driver of Deputy Prosecutor General Yevgeny Enina.

The incident happened in the night of may 27 on the street of Dmitry Lutsenko (Goloseevskiy district of Kiev). In spetsliniyu “102” received a call from local residents that some parked for the night cars are broken and the culprit fled the scene of the accident.

Later, the arriving police found in another area and abandoned without a driver wrecked car “Toyota Camry”with a license plate АА0023МО. According to the database of the Ministry of interior “Car” car is registered to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

But the most piquant that the glove compartment of the car and found the driver’s documents. The log on the machine with the mark of registration on the GPU, the permission to carrying the traumatic weapon(rezinostrela) old model in the form of booklets, Makarov’s gun of traumatic, extended to 2019 and pass to the GPU. All this in the name of Basil, Vasuchenko.

According to the former Prosecutor of Primorsky district of Odessa Alexander Kuzmenko-Vasuchenko the driver of the Deputy attorney General on mejdunarodnie Eugenia Enina. As suggested by the police, the driver is the culprit, being tipsy (in the cabin there were even uncorked a bottle of beer “Lvivske 1715”) has parked on the street Lutsenko (Dmitry, not General Yuri) cars “Chevrolet”and “Hundaі”, presses the accelerator, leaving the scene of an accident. At the same time, in a hurry forgets to pick up the front license plate, which remains at the scene.

The police found the car, which is presumably for business purposes travels Deputy General ENIN, on the street Sofia Kovalevskaya on Borshchagovka.

It is noted that Toyota is seriously broken and eyewitnesses suggest, possibly “ran away” with not a single accident.

Also on the Internet on Saturday morning, photos were published of the seized documents: the certificate of the employee of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine with the number 3625 in the name of Vasuchenko Vasily, certificate of vehicle registration on the GPU, a permit to carry “in trauma.”

It is possible that he, Vasuchenko can argue that the car was stolen and he was sleeping peacefully, but as the driver Enina after this incident, which fortunately there were no injuries, he is unlikely to linger. Even if you come up with the spy story of the loss of the service entrusted to him by car.

Our sources say that the GPU drivers are the General celebrated the “day of the driver” – Friday, and before the weekend is slightly relaxed.

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