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The Candlemas: it is not recommended to do that day

Сретенье Господне: что не рекомендуется делать в этот деньOn the occasion said Bishop Paul.

This Wednesday, February 15, Orthodox Christians celebrate Candlemas — one of 12 main Church holidays.

The word “Candlemas” in old Slavonic means “meeting”, and the second meaning of this word is “joy.” This holiday symbolizes not just the offering of the infant Jesus to the temple and meeting Simeon and Anna with the infant Jesus, but meeting all mankind in the person of old Simeon with God.

On the feast of the readers of “Vesti” said the rector of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Metropolitan Vyshgorodsky and Chernobyl Metropolitan Paul.

“In the life of the Church there is a circle of worship that reminds us of the earthly events of Christ’s life”, – said the Metropolitan.

Christ said: “I came not to violate the laws of the prophets, but to fulfill. And 40 days after birth of the infant Christ the Saviour, the virgin Mary with Joseph the Betrothed, making the eighth day the rite of Circumcision of the foreskin of the infant and given the name of Bethlehem come to the temple in Jerusalem in order to sacrifice for the firstborn and for the cleaning period of the mother-woman.

The Law of Moses, at the behest of God, the woman to the 40th day has no right to go to the city, has no right to come to the Church, has no right to take communion, etc. mother of God came to the temple to be cleansed, even though she was not in need because she conceived without a husband, had given birth without pain, had no contamination. Gave birth to the Source of purity cannot be impure. But She humbly takes the letter of the Law.

In the 40th day of the righteous Joseph and virgin Mary coming to the temple in Jerusalem, and they are not in the place where it was usually the wife for purification, and the high priest Zechariah (father of John the Baptist) put the virgin Mary with a Baby in place of the maidens, which caused the indignation of the scribes and Pharisees. But Zacharias began to explain that it is a virgin pure and undefiled, and if God willing, to the virgin birth and the Nativity was a Virgin, that the will is executed. And this virgin above all virgins.

They brought the Law of sacrifice – two pigeons, which are a symbol of purity, wisdom and Holiness, thus the Legislator with precision takes the Law that He gave people. Later, the Savior will say to John the Baptist during the Baptism: “Suffer now, for us to fulfill all righteousness.”

At a time when the Holy Family dwelt in the temple, led by the Holy Spirit in the Church comes Simeon, who lived for many years, he was already more than 300 years.

At a time when the Emperor Ptolemy wanted to have a book of Scripture, he gathered 72 scholars of husband why she is called in the scientific world “book of the 72 interpreters”. Each husband got a certain part of the text. Saint Simeon the God-receiver read the prophet Isaiah where it was written, “Behold the virgin in womb will take and bear a Son…” These words angered his heart: how a virgin can give birth? And he wanted to replace the word “virgin” with the word “wife”. But at that time the angel took his hand and said, “Simeon, have faith of God. Don’t die until then, until you see the salvation of the world – Christ in their hands.”

And held dozens, hundreds of years he waited for that blessed time. And already died all my relatives and friends and for generations. And here in this long-awaited day he comes to the temple in Jerusalem and looking at the virgin Mary with the divine infant, he sees the Grace of God surrounding Them. With awe and great joy picks up this special Baby and pronounces the words: “Lord, Now lettest thou Thy servant, o Lord, according to Your verb with the world.” These words are in the Scriptures of the New Testament books.

After this he turned to the Mother of God with the words: “Behold This child is set for the fall and rising of many in Israel; and for a sign of contradiction, and You yourself a sword will pierce the soul may be revealed the thoughts of many hearts”. That is the fall for those who do not believe in the preaching of It and to revolt those who love to take It. And this will sow great discord between people – some will call It good, others will say that He deceives people. And the weapon of sorrow and pain will be the heart of the mother of God when She sees Her Son crucified on the cross.

After that, Simeon returned home to sleep a blissful sleep and stood before the Lord.

The temple was the 84-year-old widow Anna the Prophetess, who lived in a marriage for seven years after her husband’s death carried out God’s life in fasting and prayer, staying in the temple. She talked a lot about Christ Jesus prophetic utterance, and to this day it is prophesied brought to the temple the Infant. All this aroused the anger of the scribes and Pharisees who told king Herod who sent soldiers to kill the Christ child. But the soldiers found Him, because according to revelation, which was to Joseph in a dream, the virgin Mary with Joseph the Betrothed and the baby fled to Egypt, performing in the Church all that the Law required, they went to Galilee to the city Nazareth, and then under the dark of the night, so nobody saw it, because Herod was looking for to kill the Christ child, they went to Egypt.

The Candlemas traditions

The feast of the presentation of the Lord refers to the ancient festival of the Church, but only under the Emperor Justinian in the year 528 he begins to be celebrated very solemnly. This was due to the fact that Antioch under the Emperor Justinian suffered one disaster after another: the earthquake, the pestilence and all these disasters claimed the lives of thousands of people. And one pious Christian had a vision to make this holiday festive. Then this day was made festive service and procession – and the scourge ceased.

In gratitude to God, the Church decided in the year 544 to celebrate this great holiday. This feast is the feast of the Theotokos, the priests serve in the blue clothes, because it’s a cleansing period of the Mother of God and the dedication of a Baby to the service of God.

In this day sanctified Church candles, also, water is sanctified as a sign that Christ was the enlightenment of the people and the candle symbolizes enlightenment, warmth, cleansing. Therefore be Holy candles, consecrated the water for that man had joy and comfort, and the assistance of divine grace in his life.

This holiday ends and the Christmas holidays. And more about Christ, we only know the Apostle Luke writes that He came with His Mother at age 12 in the temple in Jerusalem, and He seems to get lost in the crowd. After the path Mary and Joseph would go back in fear and trembling, lost Son and find Him in the temple of Jerusalem, where He will ask questions of the scribes, the chief priests and will listen their counsel. And they will all be surprised by His wisdom. He will tell parents: “Why were you looking for Me? Know ye not that I must be in My Father’s House. I must do what I commanded.”

“Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, women, you have to do without violating the Charter of the Church is not a human invention, you should dedicate their children to God’s service. On the eighth day give it a name, to perform the Sacrament of Baptism and 40-day you must come to the prayer, which is so necessary to You and to whom you have given birth. Let the all-merciful Lord preserve You in all ways of life. Holiday. God’s blessing on all of you!” – wished the readers of “Vesti” Metropolitan Pavel.

Candlemas: what not to do in this day

Orthodox in the days of the Holy feasts do not do the following:

do not swear;
not cleaning is a tradition to clean the house, do not work in the garden and not crafting during the holidays originates from the days of the emergence of Christianity in Russia, when religion was imposed by force: to gather new Christians in the Church in the midst of harvest, it was necessary to forbid them to work under fear of God’s punishment;
do not erase;
don’t work in the garden;
don’t shower – but a shower in Holy days not forbidden to anyone. From a logical point of view, the interpretation of this prohibition is to heat the bath you need to chop wood, apply water for several hours to monitor the stove – that is the work quite a lot.

In addition, the Presentation is not advised to go on a long journey: it could end badly.

Many people wonder: “is it Possible to knit in the Church holidays?” The ban of the Church on crafts during the holidays does not exist, so modern masters, which this activity is fun, you can do any day, not forgetting the Creator and the need to visit his temple.

In General, as in any feast, the day of the presentation of the Lord do not want to work. The exceptions are those cases where work must be performed for the benefit of others.

But you should definitely visit the Church since the day of the presentation of the Lord in the temple is a special solemn divine service and served a moleben. Home from Church is to capture the Candlemas candles, as candles in the day are consecrated by a special rite. These candles have to cherish for the whole year. The so-called Candlemas candles are lit in particularly difficult moments of life, appealing in prayer to God. It can be illness or life difficulties and troubles. Candlemas candle filled with deep meaning and sanctifies hearts by the Holy Spirit.

During the same year, a candle lit in the following cases:

if the house was raging, terrible storm,
if there had been a fire or other natural disaster,
if you have any difficulty in childbirth,
if a person is “caught black disease” (epilepsy),
if the person died (with this candle, it was believed, the deceased will be able safer and easier to leave the world of the living).
The second important tradition on Candlemas — blessing of the waters.

Sretenskaya water from the Church valued on a par with Epiphany. According to the most ancient tradition, was carried to hallow the temple and collected the dripping of melting icicles.

Sretenskaya water used in such cases:

for treatment of internal diseases,
from the evil eye and witches spells,
sprinkled it of warriors before the battle and before going Chumakov,
early in the season beekeepers sprinkled it hives
the same water was sprinkled livestock during the first pasture to pasture after winter.

Prayers for Candlemas

Prayer for Candlemas Lord Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son and Word of God, old in promotech Seen as a mirror, in divination, in the end is still the same dny in the flesh of the virgin Mary born of the incorruptible and chetyrehlistnyj day in the Sanctuary during the Presentation to the world from a Toy, like a Baby reconocen manifested in the arms of the righteous Simeon for the salvation of all creation from Adam’s wearable!

Since preslava and presveta Your hand of the mother of God in the temple of the Lord and the offering of the Holy elders of the Divine Candlemas Yours! Having fun this day heaven and earth rejoice, thou were seen Your processions, God, the procession of God our King, Who in the Holy. Old Moses ascend to see the glory, but not wasmore, aviditi Your Face, Zane revealed to despoil him back are his Own.

In radiant the day of the presentation You showed Your art man in the sanctuary, shining with ineffable Light of the Godhead, Yes, along with Simeon see Thee face to face and hands Yes ostgut Thee, and vespremi in the arms of its own, let it be known of God in the flesh, preside.

Wherefore glorify his ineffable condescension and ruling Your love, for Your coming has bestowed thou now to heavenly joy of old fallen family cheloveku: You Bo a righteous court banished thou our first parents from Paradise sweets in this world, but now art pardoned us and paki othersl us of Paradise and drew thou weeping for joy, that fallen Adam to that already so not ashamed of You for your disobedience, and do not be skryvatsya Your Face, call upon Thee, that thou come thou now, Yes cosmesi the sin of it, Yes amaeshi it with His blood and Yes obligasi nag him who is in the robe of salvation and clothing of fun and okrasili him, thou bride of beauty.

We’re all Divine, Your Presentation vospominani, vouchsafe with the wise virgins of isite to Meet Yours, our Heavenly Bridegroom with burning lamps of faith, love and purity, let electrim the eyes of faith the Divine Face, but vespriekam Thee in the peace of its embrace, and bear Thee in our heart all the days of his Stomach, Yes you will we are in God and we Your people.

In the last and Terrible day of Your Coming, when thou, all Holy the’ll come forth at the last and great Feast Your vozduxe, and vouchsafe us ucreti Thee, Yes, tacos are always with the Lord.

Glory to Thy Compassion, Glory to Your Kingdom, Glory to Thy Providence, Alone the lover of mankind, for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, with Thy Beginningless father and the Holy and Good and Lifegiving Your Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Prayer on the Presentation to the blessed virgin Mary

Oh, the blessed, the Heavenly purity of the Shining virgin, Meek dove, Undefiled Agnize, world Good Assistant, Mother of Christ our God!

Thou art beginning, middle and end of this our joy, for from You shone the Sun of Righteousness Christ our God, and That brought art in the Holy arms of His chetyrehlistnyj day in the Sanctuary for our presentation and for the joy and salvation throughout the world.

Wherefore bless and praise Thee that thou art Scenie God with people Prijima Theologian, It is God abide with us, Yes we the people will?

Thou art the Door of Heaven Ezekiel Prophesied Euge overseasa packs us a entrances of Paradise. Thou art the ladder High, James Predvidela, Euge snide God on earth and the Bridge, prevodi who is from the earth to the sky. Wherefore we pray Thee, viruse, that thou go thou into the Sanctuary, bearing the Fire of heavenly rukama His God, Grace.

Fire prayers of Thy fell the fire of our passions, Yes, get rid of eternal flame geenskomu.

In the Sanctuary come thou cleansing for legitimate, purification does not require, thou Pure virgin, and SIM teach us kako befits us granite yourself in chastity and purity and humility which befits us provocati feat of virginity, mindful, kako You, above the Cherubim, who art, has become art in the place of impure wives.

You, o Mother most Holy, the very things Bogomateri the temple of God, brought thou to the Church legal Pervozdannogo of Thy son, Christ our God, vouchsafe to us above all the earth loves the temples of Thy Son, posedate I all the days of our abdomen, to see tamo beauty of the Lord, like a better a single day in primetrica Dvorak of the Lord since the tender life in selenia greshnica. Chiefly same grant us, o most pure one, like a well, Simeon, neozhidanno didst Thy Son and our God, in the arms of Their heart, thou will prichastnye of the most pure Body and His Blood, and who we then purely granite yourself in the Holiness and fear of God, let not rastlin the temple of our flesh.

And so take out cretaure, the mother of God, Your Son in our hearts and souls, but by Thy prayers sodomise dostignuce Nadezhda and blessed Candlemas on vozduxe, when thou with all the saints will pull out of slavici and uspevati blessed His Name with the father and the Holy Spirit, and Thy merciful intercession, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Folk omens

In people, this day is considered the day of the first meeting of spring (the second meeting falls on the magpie, the third — on the Annunciation). Candlemas was considered the last frost, after the peasants did not dare to travel far away on the sleigh. This day was one of the biggest holidays of spring.

In North-West Russia, the festival was known under the name of Granitz. In this day it was customary to bring to Church for lighting candles. Then, during a thunderstorm (and therefore thunder) they were lit to ward off trouble. Gromnice (so called themselves the candle) was also given into the hands of the dying so that it could not come evil. Also on this day, sometimes burned each other’s hair — it was considered a sure remedy for headache.

The presentation of Jesus really cared about poultry. For example, begin to feed chickens oats, saying: “Feed chickens oats and summer will be the egg”. And Vice versa: “If the bird will drink water (that is, not eat) is typed, the owners of trouble.”

With this holiday involves a lot of sayings. For example, said: “Candlemas — winter to summer was found”; “the Sun for the summer, the winter frost”; “the day of more light, the nights less cold,” “Winter spring meets, freeze wants, and she from her will only sweat”.

Not less than it was to take on the weather. It was believed that if blowing snow will be late spring. It has already been pointed out the sky with many white stars. The weather on Candlemas was tried about the harvest of herbs: throwing a stick across the road and watched — if the snow will cover it, the grass will not be enough. But if this day is quiet and Sunny, would grow the flax. Drops presaged the wheat harvest, and the wind — fertility of fruit trees.

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