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The candidate for Chancellor of Germany made a loud statement about the problem of refugees

Кандидат в канцлеры ФРГ сделал громкое заявление о проблеме с беженцамиMartin Schulz believes that refugees should become an all-Union issue.

The candidate in chancellors from the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) Martin Schulz (Martin Schulz) believes that the countries of Eastern Europe, particularly Poland and Hungary, who do not show solidarity in receiving refugees, is to cut funding from the European Union. About it Schultz said Saturday, September 16, during an exclusive interview with the main redaktorzy DW INES Pohl (Ines Pohl) and journalist Jaafar Abdul Karim (Abdul Karim Jaafar). According to Schultz, if all EU countries participated in the reception of refugees in 2015 arrived in Europe, the problem would not have arisen.

Martin Schulz drew attention to the fact that some countries in Eastern Europe require solidarity in the EU, only those issues that match their interests. “Poland is the support of other countries, when it comes to sanctions against Russia: because we feel threatened, please Enter sanctions. Done. That is solidarity. When it comes to sustainable economic development, the allocation of billions – it is also done. That is solidarity. That is, the position is that sanctions? – Yes, please, billions? – Yes, please, refugees? – no, thank you, ” said the leader of the list of the social Democrats.

Martin Schulz reminded that Germany is the largest net payer to the EU budget, and Poland and Hungary – largest net recipient of funds. When planning the distribution of EU funds in Berlin should insist on the reduction of funding in the event of failure of these countries to refugees.

We will remind, also in an interview with DW Schultz sharply criticized the policies of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, noting that it is impossible to allow Turkey to blackmail Germany.

Since the end of June the journalists DW spoke with the leaders of electoral lists of five parties, including Christian Lindner (Christian Lindner) from the Free democratic party (FDP), Ozdemir CEM (Cem Özdemir) from the Green party, leader of the Left party Sarah Wainright (Sahra Wagenknecht) and Alexander Ouland (Alexander Gauland), who heads the party list of “Alternative for Germany” (APN). Among the most important topics raised during interviews was the migration crisis and the relations of Germany with other countries.

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