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The camera on the satellite photographed the launch in China. Video

Камера на спутнике засняла запуск ракеты в Китае. Видео Private rocket successfully tested.

From the Baikonur Jiuquan launched a suborbital solid rocket OS-X1. During the 200-second flight she reached an altitude of 200 km. Soon, the network appeared the test video, filmed with a height of 535 km Jilin Chinese satellite-1.

OS-X1 was built by a private Chinese company OneSpace founded in 2015 by millionaire Shu Chang. The missile has a length of 10.2 m, diameter 0.85 m and a launch weight of 8.1 T. the last test was the second for the media. The first test took place on may 17 this year. Then the rocket reached an altitude of 40 km.

According to project documentation, OS-X will be able to withdraw up to 100 kg payload to a height of 800 km, the Missile is planned to be used for the experimental equipment and testing of the various technologies. According to Shu Chang, OneSpace there are already a number of orders for OS-X from various Chinese clients.

But still, the main purpose of OneSpace full orbital launches. The company plans to achieve this by using media OS-M1. The rocket will be capable to 205 kg of payload into a 300 km low earth orbit and up to 73 kg 800-kilometer sun-synchronous orbit.

This is the second suborbital test, carried out by Chinese startup in recent days. 5 Sep I-Space successfully spustelekite SQX-1Z. Such activity is associated with the huge competition prevailing in the Chinese aerospace market. According to some estimates, today there are more than 60 different startups.

They all open up after 2014, when the government of China has allowed private companies to develop their own launch vehicles. Each of the members of the Chinese space race is trying to overtake the competitors and to take the still vacant niche.

The following test private Chinese missiles could take place in October. Landspace recently, the company announced the intention to launch media Zhuque-1 to the end of the year. In contrast to the recent tests OS-X1 and SQX-1Z, this launch will be orbital. According to the company, Zhuque-1 can output 300 kg of payload into a 300 km orbit.

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