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The Cabinet blocked the separation of “Ukrnafta”

В Кабмине заблокировали разделение "Укрнафты"“Ukrnafta” was planning to sell its stake in the company “Naftogaz”.

The shareholders of PJSC “Ukrnafta” – “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and the offshore group “Privat” – came to a common denominator regarding the method of sharing of business within the company but are unable to obtain appropriate approval from the Cabinet.

According to him, the essence of the agreement is that “Ukrnafta” will create in the status of a subsidiary, which will later be transferred to gas producing assets.

According to him, after payment of assets in the Charter of a subsidiary enterprise, Ukrnafta was planning to sell its stake in the company “Naftogaz”, after which he in turn had to withdraw from the authorized capital of “Ukrnafta”.

Thus there supposed to be a separation of “Ukrnafta” oil and gas business, independent owners of which were to become respectively “Naftogaz” and the structures Igor Kolomoisky.

For the application of this plan, “Ukrnafta” has already appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers for confirmation of the absence of necessary approvals by the government of transfer of assets into the emerging LLC.

A corresponding letter signed by the head of PJSC Mark Rollins was addressed to the Cabinet more than two months ago – on October 10.

According to EP, the government still has not provided the answer, so in late November, Rollins sent a second appeal to the government context.

“Due to the fact that “Ukrnafta” at this time, have not received a response to this appeal, please provide response to original letter, or indicate when a response will be provided”, – the letter says Rollins No. 01/01/07-3215/394 from November 22.

According to EP, after receipt of the appeal to the Cabinet, it was “painted” Vice-Premier Vladimir Questionam the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleksandr saienko, who is known in the Cabinet under the non-public nickname “Sasha-lose”, with the remark “please consider”. But Saenko response to this appeal still failed.

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