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The business chooses the Crimea: a new portion of the Ukrainian Peremogi

Бизнес выбирает Крым: новая порция украинской перемоги

Well, ukropatrioty not wish another portion Peremogi? Here with “your temporarily occupied” Crimea pleasant news came. Only, I have to say, when to wait for getting the whole of the Russian business environment in any “black lists”? No this will not do? In General, the advice for the future, the easier the whole country at once in “the Peacemaker” to make so you don’t have to keep track of who and when visited the Russian Peninsula “without Ukrainian permission.”

So, according to information published in the press release of the company Aeroklub, Crimea for the first timewas in the top 5 popular destinations of flights by business travelers. After reviewing information about booking tickets for the first half of this year, the experts came to this conclusion.

With regard to ahead of Peninsula cities in the rankings, first place went to Moscow, the second – St. Petersburg, the third – and fourth-Sochi – Krasnodar.

When compared with the year 2016, the amount booked by business travelers of flights to Russia, in principle, increased by 63% (January to June), but the demand for flights abroad increased further to 82%. The most popular destination is Paris, the second place – Istanbul. By the way, last year the Turkish town was not even in the top 10 in popularity among Russian business travelers. Followed by Istanbul and London, followed by Amsterdam and Minsk.

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But let’s get back to the Crimea, because originally it was carried out.

In order not to disappoint the representatives of the junta, will complement the article of information is not very positive, though, depends on which side to look at her, of course.

In 2016, the Russian Peninsula was generally ignored by the Russian business tourists, despite the demand for resort destinations in terms of corporate events, as well as the closure of Egypt and the time limits for Charter in Turkey. Why ignored? The reason was simple – the tourist infrastructure is, unfortunately, specifically its development of the Crimea could not boast. By the way, in December last year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak compared the Russian Peninsula to Sochi sample 2007. I wonder what he would say now, a year later?

Yes, there is no limit to perfection, work in progress, and capital. Moreover, plans already set up a lot, the main thing that all of them realized, and, in the intended time frame. This also applies to the resort fee (not more than 50 rubles per person per day), by which the Crimea wants to raise up to 16 billion rubles until 2022 and spend the proceeds on creating Parking lots, the repair of roads and development of beach infrastructure.

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Let me REMIND you! BILL RESORT FEE is NOT ADOPTED, the LAUNCH is SCHEDULED FOR 2018, HOWEVER, IN the CRIMEA SWINDLERS WITH unknown IDENTITIES THAT have ALREADY BEGUN to DEMAND a “RESORT FEE” WITH the rest (since the beginning of the Peninsula received more than 2 million people). BEWARE.

But back to our business.

Slowly but surely, Crimea moves forward, not without difficulty, of course, and emerging issues. Now the Peninsula rises to fifth position in the ranking, previously mentioned, and then… Then, as they say, only bigger. And Sochi will move, and Moscow (with Moscow and St. Petersburg, of course, will be hard to compete, but that’s not important). The important thing is that we’re not. Painful Patriotic? Bit.

So, gentlemen, good, smile and plow. The joy of the people and to spite the enemies.

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