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The BURDEN of love conquering death (REVIEW)

While many people think the living dead, so to speak, outlived its usefulness, talented Directors to prove that zombies are a versatile item that you can shoot any movie. In this case we will talk about a little family drama into a big road movie with a lot of obstacles and obligatory realization of something very important in the end.

Australian “Burden”, which became another plus in karma giant Netglix, tells the story of how ordinary people cope with the Apocalypse, with the death of loved ones and the burden of responsibility for their children. Heroes Martin Freeman and Susie porter — the couple whose marriage survived the end of the world, and even diapers, diapers and other pleasures of procreation. They been together a long time and I guess the claws can sometimes but also tender feelings have not gone away, a glimmer in his eyes. Their relationship is sketched with just a couple strokes but believe them, because subsequent events are perceived is particularly tragic.

And that there will be, and even how it ends, you may already know, if you watched the short film of the same name, from which painting grew up. There are things that go well with brevity, and if they expand, you get something simply boring. Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling, co-authors of “the Burden”, have taken this risk and it has paid off, fortunately they had something to say and besides, what could fit into a short film.

So, the wife of Andy and Kay quietly floating on the river of life (literally — in a cozy floating house), they are very careful and do not go ashore without great need. Unfortunately, the need soon arises: Kay is infected, and then Andy too, so their little girl urgently need to find a new home. Having survived the death of his wife, Freeman’s character can’t even afford the mount. The great burden he carries in a backpack-carrying, much more important than their own feelings and weaknesses. Andy is there only seventy two hours to pass this burden in worthy hands, before it turns into a monster and devour her own child.

And speaking of monsters in the film there are zombies, they cause anxiety in the viewer, a threat for the characters, but is in the film quite a small place. Most often they are shown from a distance or casual, even people can not see. Among the Australian desert they are perceived rather as savage beasts, which just need to be round. In addition, the local undead have an interesting feature: they try to bury themselves in the ground. However, confined to the head, so it looks pretty sweet, causing the Association with the faithful during prayer, as well as the famous myth that ostriches bury their heads in the sand in moments of danger. Perhaps the authors meant to say that the dead want to be buried?

Well, as usual, at times of normal real people can be much more dangerous than the risen dead. Some become hostile to the world, limiting the circle of his family, and others can’t come to terms with the collapse of civilization and bringing her vices: senseless cruelty, greed, possessiveness.

When this patient hope of humanity, the creators see a return to roots, and because the tribe of aborigines that after the zombie Apocalypse again began to live according to the precepts of their ancestors, there is an obvious example of a mythic harmony with the world, lost and regained.

The picturesque Australian landscapes, beautiful music with ethnic motifs — most of the time the film is not trying to scare you or upset you, he’s just mesmerizing, natural and sometimes harsh beauty. Well, the most beautiful thing there is, is a game Martin Freeman. The star of “Sherlock” and “Fargo,” he has proved the existence of himself as a comic and dramatic talent. While Freeman is not one of those who the camera pulls heart out of chest, but his performance in “the Burden”, modest, natural and very alive, worth it. In Marty in General, many recognize themselves: he jokes about his masculinity, but in fact is not trying to be a male Savior. He is still a hero, but such is the quiet, ordinary, pravoslaviye silently, silently sacrifice themselves.

In addition, it is worth noting the efforts of Susie porter, who played his wife, and Simone Landers, whose heroine Toomey belongs to the tribe, but can not accept the death of his father turned into a zombie, and therefore avoids the family, and with them the truth, you need to accept. And if porter won my heart in “Hounds of love”, the young big-eyed Landers is a discovery.

Returning to the comparison with the short film, I will note that the final full-length came out even and pathetic, but a bit hasty. The original version was more natural. In the end the creators decided to put pressure on the sentimental audience, and to be honest, the lump in her throat rose, but you know, I still don’t like when I openly squeezed out a tear. And the moral of the parable of some sort of tribal idyll is very naive.

At the beginning of the review I mentioned that the Directors continue to revive the dead, bringing a new breath rotten in the genre. About the same, I said in April, when the screens came the “Third wave of zombies”. Comparing these pictures, it should be noted that the “Burden” is the best Irish Thriller. Zombaki not popping up whenever the camera is moving around. On the other hand, if you want the walking dead to watch, and that it was terrible, the “Burden” will disappoint you. But if you are willing to history on how to deal with death, including their own, then this movie will suit. Real answers will not give, but the feeling of something bright will leave.

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