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The Bulgarians created the “quiet” in the world “Tesla”

Болгары создали самую «тихую» в мире «Теслу»Studio Vilner has modified the crossover Tesla Model X.

Bulgarian tuning Studio Vilner has unveiled its latest project in 2016. Scientists have perfected an electric crossover Tesla Model X P90D, which turned into “”Tesla” with the quietest cabin in the world”.

The tuners said that they were faced with an extremely difficult task. According to them, the customer is well aware of the quietness of the cars of the American brand, because his garage already has two other “Tesla”.

The work started with a complete disassembly of the cabin, which showed “how well the crossover is protected from external sounds already in the factory version”. However, experts managed to identify “weak spots”, then they added extra insulation in critical areas of the body of the SUV.

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In addition, the client requested that the interior looked more “electrified.” Seat covered in black leather, added a contrasting turquoise elements. In the same color fulfilled the safety belts and floor mats.

Exterior has undergone minor changes. Tuners only used a few external elements made of carbon fiber, including front and rear spoiler with logo of “Tesla” and the casing of the side mirrors.

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Technical stuffing crossover did not touch. Tesla Model X P90D is equipped with two electric motors: 259-strong front and 503-horsepower rear. Optional Ludicrous mode Mode allows the SUV to accelerate from standstill to 96 kilometers per hour in 3.2 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 250 kilometers per hour.

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