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The brutal murder of a child near Kiev: new details

Зверское убийство ребенка под Киевом: новые подробностиThe court in the case of the murdered girl won’t start.

Can not begin the trial 10-year-old girl Karina Mahoney killed in Kyiv almost a year ago. The victim’s relatives, lawyers and even suspect are outraged by the constant delay of the person from whom depends the process.

Brown-eyed girl dreamed of becoming a singer, winning a singing contest and was getting ready with my mom to the next. Oksana Kropelnytska still can’t hold back the tears, because they did not accept that her child is no more. “It’s very difficult to Wake up every day and see a photo,” she says.

Karina was brutally murdered on may 16 last year. The girl went to a birthday party for a neighbor boy and disappeared. Looking for her parents, the police dog and was found the next day strangled in the lake, pritrushenny brushwood. The murder of the girl immediately suspected the neighbor. He was declared wanted and caught, made a statement admitted. The matter had to consider, first in Sweden, then in Irpin, then in Brovary, the Kiev court of appeal and now again returned to Vyshgorod, but not once the meeting has not begun. “We have never had preparatory meetings, we had not even considered the format that should be – that is, nothing did,” says lawyer Oksana Mendrisio. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The reasons for the procrastination of the proceedings is strange. Once the meeting was brought the wrong suspect, another time, the suspect cut his hands. Andrew Kistruga requires a speedy beginning of the trial and threatens to kill herself. “In all cities carry on the courts, and the courts do not accept for consideration the matter” – outraged the suspect. He says the recognition from it beat out force, and he himself, in the time of the murder, though, and had to sit under house arrest in another case, left the village and is supposedly unable to confirm the witnesses. “No this version does not want to check. I was brought to the forest, was severely beaten for half a day and said I confessed,” says the man.

Mother Karina a single word neighbor does not believe. She says that he previously had paid attention to her daughter. “He did it. If he hadn’t got scared and dumped her into the water, it would have survived,” – says the woman. The courts explain that the case is particularly serious, therefore it needs three judges. But they are not always enough. Once again the meeting came just two workers of a Themis – the third on sick leave. The next attempt to hold a preparatory meeting will be in April.

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