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The brutal beating of Atoshnik in Nikolaev: fresh details. Video

Жестокое избиение АТОшника в Николаеве: свежие детали. ВидеоSeven men attacked the party At the night club.

Became known new details of mass fight in one of night clubs of Nikolaev, where just 7 men attacked the ATO and severely beaten.

The video shows the man hiding behind the bar, and seven throwing themselves at him. This is the former cyborg Igor Kochnev. Says that in a year of fierce fighting, did not have a single scratch. Now the wounds all over the body.

“The head was sutured, haematoma. Elbow. The elbow broke a bottle, stitched up finger can’t feel. And back are sewn on it 9 cuts,” says the fighter.

“I tried to reassure him that I’m communicating with the girl. But there appeared some group of people that surrounded me, and they insisted that we go out on the street”, – says Igor Kochnev.

Then the man went to the bar and asked her to call the police. But the locals surrounded him. He tried to calm the men, but in vain.

Igor jumped behind the bar. The video shows how after he flies kitchenware. A visitor tries to calm everyone down. It demolished and thrown on Atoshnik. The one with the bottle in his hand bounces. Fight the guards run in and separate institutions. Now, the guys convince not been beaten, and wanted to calm the man. Assure that provoked the conflict Atoshnik – molested a girl from their company. The remark responded with aggression and the first to fight.

The bar owner counts losses. Says the company previously staged fights, but is here for the first time.

One of the guys also ended up in the hospital – his broken head. The police are one of the fight’s participants were not detained, the investigation is ongoing.

Atoshnik convinced that finding the attackers easily, all persons seen on the video. A local told him that these guys scared the entire area and still they got away with it. This time the criminal proceedings, the police still filed for disorderly conduct and bodily injury.

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