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The brothers Duffer confirmed that the series “Very strange things” will get a third season

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In the latest interview with the creators of flash hit “Very strange things” (Stranger Things) , Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer announced that the third season of the series. However, this information is not yet confirmed in Netflix, but if the Directors, the writers, the showrunners are not afraid to make such claim to the whole world, so they have everything under control. At least, I would like to believe it.

We think this will be a show in the four seasons. That’s only necessary to think whether we will be able to justify the fact that the characters steadily every year something bad happens.

Of course, in a changing television world can happen anywhere. For example, the second season will be a failure suddenly (as suddenly as his time was hit first), and Netflix will cover your shop. But, honestly, it is absolutely not believe it. Maybe the sequel will not surpass the original, but it is unlikely that the level of the series would drop so low that it chooses to bury. Thus we can gradually tune in to the expansion history. The more that the brothers in the same interview hinted that in the future the characters can leave the audience favorite Hawkins. But the trouble they will surely take with them.

The second season is scheduled for October 27, 2017. Recall synopsis:

In the yard in 1984, and the inhabitants of Hawkins, Indiana, almost recovered from the horror of Demogorgon, and secrets that are harbored laboratory Martin Brenner. But really if will Byers was saved, whether he was able to completely leave the “Opposite direction”? And will he be able to warn my friends about what kind of sinister giant entity threatens all who survived last year?

We are waiting for nine new episodes, new monster Lovecraftian breed and almost the entire cast of the first season: Millie Bobby brown, David harbour, Winona Ryder, Finn Wolfhard, Noah, Snapp, Gaten Mataratstso, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Cara Buono.

Halloween will not be boring.

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