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The British warned of the necessity of mass resettlement – media

Британцев предупредили о необходимости массового переселения - СМИMore than a million homes will be at risk of permanent flooding.

In the report of the British Committee on climate change, the managers and their advisers to adapt to future climate conditions believe it necessary to warn residents of coastal areas of the island that in the foreseeable future, their homes will become uninhabitable due to rising sea-levels and shoreline erosion.

As informs Bi-bi-si with reference to Times, it is expected that by 2050 at least 32 thousand homes will not be able to be inhabited, and by the end of the century their will be at least 82 thousand More than a million homes will be at risk of permanent flooding by 2080. Thousands of kilometers of roads and hundreds of kilometers of Railways will also be under threat of destruction or flooding.

Experts believe that the real danger of loss of property and displacement of population are not informed. And we are talking about the life of the already born generations. Therefore, in the opinion of the Committee, need not write unrealistic and costly plans for protecting and strengthening the coastline. Instead, according to Professor of the University of Oxford Jim Hall, municipal and Central authorities should think about how to plan and organize the relocation of entire villages, and even cities to try to move to a safe place people along with their familiar environment.

According to Professor Hall, to pay such relocation should not be victims of climate change, and local and Central budgets.

The head of the Committee Baroness Browns is unacceptable that today’s property buyers in coastal areas don’t know anything about the unenviable future of their homes and think to invest not only in their present but also in future generations of their heirs. The Baroness believes that it would be right and fair to warn the residents of unpromising areas that they are aware of the risks and understand that, unfortunately, these places have to leave.

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