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The British want to create an electric airliner

Британцы хотят создать электрический авиалайнерThe low-cost airline EasyJet wants to build an aircraft electric batteries.

Airline EasyJet has announced plans for 10 years to develop a passenger plane with electric engines.

The aircraft are planning to use on short routes.

The pilot model will be to develop a newly formed American company Wright Electric, which has already collected double the aircraft is battery powered. According to the company, the new, larger capacity, the aircraft can fly at the distance of 335 miles (540 km), which means that it can be used on popular routes such as London-Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

“We have Wright Electric have a common goal – to see more eco-efficient aviation industry. As well as the automotive industry, the aviation industry will turn to technology to reduce the impact on the environment,” said CEO Carolyn McCall.

As conceived by engineers Wright Electric, the batteries will be powering the turbofan engine. At the same time, the engines will be located on the plane’s wings, not under them, that will make the plane more aerodynamic and reduce air resistance. The batteries will be mounted on the fuselage of the aircraft.

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