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The British suggested to stock up on food in case of “hard” Brexit

Британцам предложили запастись едой на случай "жесткого" BrexitCreated a special online service.

In Britain, there was a service for online shopping, which UK residents can buy everything you need in order to survive a possible “hard Brexit” if the country leaves the EU without an agreement.

It is reported Bloomberg.

Users of the site can you choose your “level of anxiety due to the Brexit” from “slightly concerned” to “fairly excited” and “I panic”. After that, the service creates an order to create stocks of food and beverages for a period of from one week to three months depending on the level of anxiety.

The inventory for one week costs approximately 111 pounds ($143) per month of 459 pounds ($595), for three months – 1415 pounds (over $ 1,800).

Feature of ordering for those on the level of anxiety turned out to be alarmist, is the supply of alcohol – 31 bottle of whiskey, vodka, wine and absinthe. The authors of the site argue that alcohol is needed to deal with the stress of a chaotic Brexit.

The authors of the website claim not to advertise any supermarket chain and are not affiliated with the campaigns for or against Brexit.

“The idea was to get people to understand what we were getting into, making the accumulation of activity in normal paranoid online service where all needs”, they claim.

“Rexiter such as Jacob Rees-Mogg (MP-conservative) can choose the first option, and, for example, a convinced supporter of the preservation of EU membership Anna Subri could select the third option,” added the authors of the site.

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