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The British give the Kremlin time to drown yourself

Англичане дают Кремлю время утопить себя

The British reported that the name of the second party “solsberry” groups of the GRU will be called in 7-10 days. The Jesuit method of pulling lived seems perfectly rational: give the Kremlin time to drown a new batch of lies about Bashirova-Chepiga, after which he will have to get out of new stories. And the approach is already the third suspect, who also promised to voice. The British, apparently, revised the series “Mafia” and stretch your own for a few seasons. That, however, entirely coincide with the laws of the genre — Everyman needs every day to be able to watch the sequel, not looking up.

About drowning in a lie the British are not missed: today dug up the former commander Chepiga, who called the allegations of a former slave with schizophrenia: DOCU do not prepare intelligence professionals. “In 2001, I released a cadet by the name Chapiha. I did the military and I can say that the information in the media about his alleged involvement in the history of Kripalani smacks of an easy schizophrenia. In DOCU was preparing military officers for combat duties, Chapiha actually fought in Chechnya, but he was not prepared for intelligence activities,” — said Borico.

The logic in DOKU, judging by the words of the commander, not taught, too. 2001 where where Chapiha sample 2018. Over 17 years of hardened militants could be done though shtirlitsa, although it seems that task was daunting.

Instead of looking for colleagues and relatives of Colonel Chepiga, it would be logical to find and show him personally what the malicious accusations of the British and their accomplices Bellingrath automatically crumble. But neither to find nor to present Colonel is not yet possible. Why — question, but it looks utterly stupid.

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