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The British asked not to make their cats vegetarians

Британцев попросили не делать своих котов вегетарианцами The transfer of these animals on plant foods will be considered abuse.

In great Britain began to fight against vegetarians, or rather not even against them, but with obvious kinks in this way of life of the British people, when supposedly healthy diet (not proven either science or spiritual practices) becomes fanatical and suffer from it… no, not even children, and cats.

What parents are vegetarians and raw foodists suffer their children, a phenomenon though not massive, but well-known in most countries put a stop to by law. But vegetarians had been suspected of such abuse of cats – it happened the first time. But in the United Kingdom, animal rights activists made a proposal to punish the British, translating into a vegetarian meal of his purrs.

The fact that the world increasingly, there is vegetarian dog food. But these four-legged friends, humans are still omnivores. Although the translation dog pure vegetarian food can still be considered a certain restriction of their food, however, the mass appearance in the stores of dog food exclusively on plant components suggests that doctors make a similar vegetarian diet.

But cats are another matter altogether, this is typical of predators that in nature only eat meat, and if they sometimes eat grass, it is only for medicinal purposes. They are something for which the owners decided to make vegetarians, animal rights activists are asking?

These protests and demands to protect domestic cats supported by the UK authorities, through which the Telegraph had circulated the warning to all citizens that the translation of cats exclusively on vegetable food will now be regarded as cruelty to animals. Under British law, such an offender faces substantial fines or even imprisonment.

That’s such amazing news, which, in most countries of the world regarded somehow as a joke or as the influence of American absurd lawmaking, where you can find criminal liability for the spreading of octopuses in public places (Michigan), and in Washington state anyone who comes here with the intent to commit a crime, according to the local law, must call the police and notify the guards. The fight against fanatical vegetarians in Britain is a little different from this nonsense, written by the Internet users…

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