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The British are willing to pay $20 an hour for help in the game Call of Duty

Британцы готовы платить $20 в час за помощь в игре Call of DutyProfessional gamers will help to increase the rank and unlock perks.

British company offers Bidvine inexperienced gamers to use the services of professionals to obtain the progress in Call of Duty.

At the same time, the cost of such services is not small, lazy and will cost players $20 per hour.

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“Call of Duty franchise is one of the largest in the world, and every time there is a new part of the series, the race begins on unlocking the best weapons, characters and Camos, as well as competition to achieve the highest rank first,” – said co-founder Bidvine Russ Morgan.

The company noted that the selection of candidates they have is pretty tough, and willing to earn in this way are required to provide their personal data, and prove that you have the relevant experience.

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