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The brightest supernova was feeding a black hole

Ярчайшая сверхновая оказалась кормящейся черной дыройIt is through tidal forces destroyed a star by the Sun.

Brightest known supernova was in fact a black hole that devoured a star. It is suggested scientists from the Weizmann Institute in Israel and the Center for the study of dark matter and dark energy in Denmark. Their conclusions are presented in an article published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

The object ASASSN-15lh, service was astronomical All Sky Automated Survey in 2015, were defined as the brightest supernova in the entire history of observations. Astronomers have suggested that the observed them the outbreak was caused by the explosion of a dying massive star. The luminosity exceeded the total luminous flux emitted by the Milky Way 20 times. Itself supernova was in the galaxy, remote from Earth for four billion light years.

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Scientists who observed ASASSN-15lh within 10 months after the outbreak, came to the conclusion that the radiation source could be a supernova, a supermassive black hole. It is through tidal forces destroyed a star by the Sun, caught in a dangerous vicinity, and the remains of the cosmic body was formed from the accretion disk. It is the latter, according to astronomers, became a source of intense radiation.

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Although the black hole is the most likely explanation, scientists do not deny that there may be other causes of ASASSN-15lh.

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