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“The bridge is tired time”: funny compilation “great” quotes Klitschko

"Мост устал от времени": смешная подборка "великих" цитат КличкоThe great words of Klitschko for 3 years on the post of Kyiv mayor.

Thursday, may 25th marked three years since the election of Vitali Klitschko the mayor of Kiev.

He scored 56,70% support residents and rapidly overtook all rivals.

In second place was Lesya Orobets with only 8,46%, slightly less than Vladimir Bondarenko.

Mayor Vitaly most of all remembered, probably, its magnificent quotes. “Country” has decided to collect the brightest of them.

Let’s start with the classics.

“And today in tomorrow not all can watch. Rather watch can not just all, few people can do it”.

“Some roads have not been repaired for the past 30 years. Such as Vasylkivska, 33 years ago was done the repair, Victory Avenue, the Boulevard of Taras Shevchenko. That is the key. Carts (street named Eleny Teligi – Approx.ed) and so on”;

About shuliavska bridge: “Emergency, he was not recognized. He was tired of time with one hand”;

“I would ask all residents to address the problem of heat saving and preparing to land”;

“I have two Deputy, four of which lie in a month the Cabinet of Ministers”;

“I can, for those who can see us, lift your leg, wrapped the socks… I’ll tell you one thing: use all the methods in order to get people to work, including the magic pendeli”;

“If a man wore a SS uniform, that is clear, he painted himself in those colors in which he painted himself”;

“You know, not in kilometers distance measured”;

“Politics has become an important part of my life. It resembles a jar of cockroaches”;

“Still went to Parliament to head to work. Head some not very good, so in the course went fists”;

“I met many policemen who were killed, and the demonstrators who died, and everyone is asking”;

“That cold water turned in hot, it needs to warm up”;

Some quotes are difficult to Express in words and need to give direct speech.

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